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World Read Aloud Day!

Wednesday, March 6, was World Read Aloud Day and I made a point to celebrate this awesome day with each of my classes! I, being a reading teacher, of course LOVE to read, so I wanted to partake in this day and also help my students find joy in reading. Sometimes, especially as a kid, reading can seem like a chore or even just become "boring homework" so it was my goal to help show them how fun reading can be. To do this I enlisted the help of 2 very special people: Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Morgan.

Mrs. Rogers was kind enough to come in a read a book to our class and the kids loved having her in our room. She followed our theme and read a book about Susanna Dickinson and the Alamo. The kids were excited to tell her the facts they have already learned about the Alamo and it was fun to see them connect a few dots from what she had read to what they have been learning in class.

Then I saved the ultimate surprise for the end of the day! Last week I called Cherie' Morgan and asked her if she was willing to FaceTime with us and read a book for Read Aloud Day. Well, her answer was "YES!" and I couldn't wait to see my students' faces! So after recess I brought my three classes in the library and told them we were going to continue our celebration of reading by listening to someone else read a book but to do this we needed to go to Colorado.....their faces were VERY confused and then I had to confess that we were going to Colorado via FaceTime and at that moment Cherie's face popped up on the big screen in the library! It was priceless to see how excited they were to see her smiling face again!

She read a very special book called Junkyard Wonders and if you have never read must. It talks about how unique and different each person is and if we just look past all those differences and really believe in each other and in ourselves great things will happen. It is a true story and so endearing; it was just perfect for the occasion.

I hope I was able to bring some excitement and enthusiasm about reading to your children. Continue to foster good readers at home and even show them that YOU can read too!

Hope everyone has a blessed and safe spring break!

Much Love,

Destine' Grobe

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