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Most school programs are now underway and the year is going along smoothly. Parent-Teacher interviews were held this week, and teachers were pleased with the opportunity to meet with parents and develop some goals for the students to work towards this year. At our first P&C meeting of 2016 our first "working bee" was scheduled - please read on to find out more in the P&C section.

School Procedure Reminders

With the start of a new school year, I thought it would be a good opportunity to publish a few reminders regarding procedures for Banksmeadow Public School.

- Students who arrive at school before the 9am bell rings must remain under the COLA. The asphalt areas around the top building and demountables are out of bounds

- Please adhere to the 'No Stopping' and 'Drop Off Zone' signs in the streets surrounding the school. Rangers sometimes patrol these streets and will issue fines

- If your child is absent from school, please send a note explaining their absence on their return

- If your child arrives at school , please accompany them to the office to obtain a 'Late Pass'

- If your child needs to leave school early, please visit the office first to obtain an 'Early Leave Pass'

- To ensure the safety of all students, please refrain from driving into the playground at any time. Travel assistance cars for the Support Unit are the only vehicles permitted to drive onto the property

- All students must wear a school hat to school each day

Lost Property Collection

There is a large amount of lost property in the Lost Property tub which is located in the foyer of the front office. If your child has lost an item of clothing please look for it in the tub by next Friday 19th February. Unclaimed items of clothing will be donated to the P&C "Second Hand Uniform Sale" to be held soon.

Singing and Guitar Lessons

Singing and Guitar lessons with Cathy begin next week. Lessons will be held on Tuesday for Seniors and Thursday for Beginners. Please note that the Beginner and Senior days for guitar have had to be swapped around from the originally published days. Please contact Cathy for information regarding payments cathymacmusic@gmail.com

Junior Art Club
Junior Art Club with Mrs Sharma will now take place on Fridays at lunchtime. This change is necessary to accommodate students who wish to attend Beginner Guitar.


A second dance rehearsal will be held at lunchtime on Monday 15th February for any Year 1 students interested in joining the dance group, and for those Year 2-6 students who missed out on auditioning this week. All permission notes must be returned. Please wear either sports uniform, a leotard, or sport wear that can be taken off before going to school.

Rehearsals for the groups will be each Tuesday, beginning on Tuesday 16th February:

Juniors @ 8:10am - 9:00am

Seniors @ lunchtime after eating

The NSW Department of Education often offers special workshops for students talented in dance. Here is the link to an upcoming workshop for interested students.
Applications are now open for the Years 5-6 Junior Dance Workshop. For more information and to apply online, please go to https://www.artsunit.nsw.edu.au/dance/junior-dance-workshop


Library Lessons and Borrowing

Welcome back to school everyone. Library lessons will begin for all classes next week. If you are unsure on which day your child has library, you can check with the class teacher or with me. Each week your child will be able to bring a book home from the library to share with you. It is expected that books are returned the following week so that another one can be taken home.

To keep our books from being damaged, books should be transported to and from school in a waterproof bag. You can provide your own bag or school library bags can be purchased from the administration office.

New Library System and Donations

The very old library system is in the process of being replaced with a new system. This process began at the end of 2015 and will take until the end of this term to complete. This may cause some disruption to library and there will be some occasions where returning and borrowing will have to be suspended for a period of time. I will try to keep you updated on this.

Thank you to the people who have donated books to the library. I would ask that if you have books you no longer need, please donate them to a charity, as I will be unable to process any new books for quite a while.

Reading Recovery

We are very lucky to have Reading Recovery at Banksmeadow. This program is available to selected Year 1 children. The selection process for eligible children is very specific, and quite long and detailed. It involves reading, letter and word knowledge, and hearing sounds, as well as understanding how text is accessed in books. About one third of children in Year 1 are tested at the beginning of the year and from them three children will be eligible to participate. If your child is a candidate for Reading Recovery I will contact you as soon as this process is completed.

Carol Macdonald

Librarian and Reading Recovery Teacher


2016 P&C Executive Team

President - Sarah Monahas

Secretary - Sharna Rennie

Vice President - Danielle Pretty

Vice President - Steve Bragg

Treasurer - Karen Messenger

P&C Email


Please send us your email address if you would like to be on the P&C circulation list.

Garden Working Bee

Friday 26th February after school - weeding the top garden, light duties only!

Second Hand Uniforms

We will be arranging a sale of second hand uniforms in the coming weeks. Details and dates will be published soon.

New School Hats

A new version of the school hat will be phased in as the current one is phased out. It is the same shape, lighter material and easier to wash and fold. Samples can be found at the school office. Similarly, a new version of the blue sports pants, made from improved material, is being phased in.

Any new updates to uniform is phased in gradually and should be bought as needed, so there's no need to replace items until they are either worn out or grown out of.

Next P&C Meeting

Monday 7th March, 7pm in 6M demountable classroom. Everyone welcome!

South Sydney High Open Day

An Open Day for students interested in attending South Sydney High School is being held on Saturday 12th March. Please see the flyer at the end of this newsletter for more information.

Dates for the Calendar

Week 4

Library lessons commence

Monday 15th February

11:00am Dance rehearsal for Year 1 students and any Year 2-6 students who missed out last week

Tuesday 16th February

8:00am Senior Band rehearsals in the band room

8:10am Junior Dance

11:10am Senior Dance

Senior Guitar lessons begin @ lunchtime

Wednesday 17th February

Band lessons for all band members, including beginners

11:50am Assembly

Thursday 18th February

Junior Guitar lessons begin @ lunchtime

Friday 19th February

8:15am PSSA Training

PSSA Sport begins

Junior Art Club @ lunchtime

Week 5

Monday 22nd February

Tuesday 23rd February

Zone Swimming Carnival

8:00am Senior Band rehearsals in the band room

8:10am Junior Dance

Senior Guitar lessons @ lunchtime

Senior Dance @ lunchtime

Wednesday 24th February

Band lessons for all band members, including beginners

11:50am Assembly

Thursday 25th February

Junior Guitar Lessons @ lunchtime

Friday 26th February

8:15am PSSA Training

PSSA Sport

Junior Art Club & lunchtime

Garden Working Bee - 3pm

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