V and Murrow Speech

by alex simpson

V for vendetta is a fictional character that shows corruption in the government. In which the government controls the people. That makes the citizen of London be afraid. Once the town gets use to V and what his purpose is, he makes them go through the same process everyday. Which defines the rules and regulations of the citizens.

V reveals that fear is a virus that never goes away. The purpose is telling us that the government is controlling the community with hurting the community. Put the fear behind it. Fear gets the best of you. Even though you’re afraid, a good number of reasons makes you lose your common sense. If you don’t see what the government is doing, then don’t do anything about it. ‘‘Stand beside me when I do something remarkable. Remember the time on November the 5th.’’ The government is corrupt which the people of London are see. If something happens then it’s going to throw the process off. When I destroyed Old Bailey I wanted to remind this country about fairness, justice, and freedom. Stand up for what we believe in. V's call for action is to fight for freedom and justice.

Murrow's excerpt explains that history will make us remember things that happened in the past. Nowadays networks are overtaking how we think and act. We live in a world that catches our eye. We follow that looks nice, or high end things, we don’t see the good in things. ‘’We have build an allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information’’. If we don’t fix this then we won't learn anything important. He wants us to take some time and read or learn something educational. Our history is what we make it. What we do, how we do it, when we do it is what's going to be remembered. Meaning if we don't stop falling into what's popular we will become even more distracted. Your perspective will be damaged on how you look at things. “Those who look at it work at it will have a different perspective than some of us”. What this is saying is once a day or an hour a day put down the television, radios, network sources and focus on something that is important.

V and Murrow’s excerpts are similar and different. A similarity is v is controlling and so are networks. For example, the government controls what the people do. Which is controlling their everyday life. Then again televisions, radios, and advertisements. Which controls our life. A difference is V has more power then Murrow’s speech did. V is more demanding in his speech then Murrow is. For example, in London citizens have to follow rules and regulations on how to live their lives.