By: Irwin Lopez

Where did it start and how did it spread?

Hinduism began in India, but since it has changed over time numerous times, it is hard to say exactly what part. It spread like any other religion, one learns it and shows it to the world, but it spread mostly through Forrest Academics in India.

Where is Hinduism most influential today and how many followers does it have?

Well Hinduism is mostly influential in India, also in Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. It approximately has 828,000,000 followers.


What do Hinduism call their Holy Book or Scriptures and how is their religious leadership organized?

Hindus do not really have a book or scripture, but a concept that they follow, which is that 3 Lords rule the world, Brahama- the creator, Vishnu- the preserver, and Shiva- the destroyer, and that any other Gods or Goddess are below them. It really does not contain leaderships unless its necessary, and is just followed by the concepts and learned.

What are the basic beliefs and how has the sects developed over time?

The basic belief of Hinduism is that a undefined force governs the all existence and cannot be completely known by humanity; individual Gods and Goddesses are personifications of this cosmic force. Also that each should worship the Deities that he or she believes that directly influences their life. The 3 main sects that Hinduism has developed over time is Saivism, Vaisnavism, and Saktism.