A euglena makes its food by photosynthesis. It uses photosynthesis by using it's chloroplast and it uses it's eyespot to find sunlight. It can also absorbing it's food from the environment. Euglena moves by using a whip like part called a flagella that propels it throat the water. It reproduces by dividing itself.
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Euglena viridis - BF, DIC microscope 400x


The paramecium eats by Hunting for its food. It moves by using its hair like parts called cilia.It reproduces by having it nucleus divides itself.
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Paramecium in Motion (Mr. Ralph Grimm)


The amoeba moves by using its cytoplasm to flex out to make a separate part called a pseudopod which means false foot. The amoeba eats by hunting and catching its food. It catches its food by using its pseudopodia surround it's food and catch it. It reproduces by dividing itself.
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Amoeba in motion


The volvox eats by using it's Chloroplast, to preform photosynthesis.It moves by using its two flagella to move. It reproduces by storing a colony of daughter volvox.
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Volvox Dances