Join everyone at Thin and Healthy

Join everyone at Zumba class at the gym

Join the best Zumba class that you ever tried.

Everyone meets new people and enjoys themselves dancing and learning step's. Zumba class are on Mondays and Thursdays.....

Every Monday's and Tuesday's at 5:00 to 9 pm is Zumba.

Everybody enjoy there self and work hard at it we even take breaks for a little, then start Zumba again.

We have two people up in front showing you the steps of the dance then they have mirror's you have to do with us.

Everybody is all pumped up and excited to learn Zumba and is like woo.

Thin and Healthy gym

We would like you to come and join everyone to come to are gym and do Zumba.We have a really good time and a really fun time were everyone laught's and enjoy there self with eachother if they arn't good they still try there best and everybody help's with eachother is a really good thing everybody like's about Zumba they love the music and dancing everybody dose's a really good job.