Monday, April 11, 2016

Congratulations to the bride, Mrs. Amanda Robertson O'Neill

On April 2, Amanda married her Prince Charming, Ryan O'Neill. The wedding was perfect!! Amanda, your Arcado family wishes you and Ryan a lifetime of happiness & love.
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Niece Morgan~ Being the flower girl & being awesome is exhausting!!!

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break! We are embarking on the last 33 days of school. These days are going to be very busy and quite stressful. Lean on each other, when you see a colleague in need be there, and keep focused on what is important...our students. You have built some amazing relationships with your students..take time to celebrate their accomplishments, laugh and play together, and cherish this time in your life that you are able to make a difference in the lives of our children.

A focus on GA Milestones

You all understand the importance of this assessment and our need as educators to be focused on the work. The one thing you can do for your students is take that stress away from them as much as possible. Listen to your students' needs and wants during this time. We are the ducks calmly swimming on the water (in the eyes of our community). The fast paddling under the water is what we do to keep the calm above the water.

Please be present (literally and figuratively) and ready to lend a hand if asked. It takes a village to test a child. We should right a book about that! HAHA

Secure Practice Testing will be administered Wednesday & Thursday of this week.

3-5 Teachers- Have your classroom testing set up completed before you leave on Monday (tomorrow) and submit your blue roster to Karon.

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Adopt a 3-5 classroom during Milestones testing

K-2 & Support teachers are encouraged to adopt a classroom during testing. The sign up will be posted outside Ms. Stocks' office.

Let's all show our support and encouragement for the teacher and the students.

Playground Expectations & Supervision

With an increase of injuries on the playground, teachers it is time to review playground expectations with your students. In addition, we need you to heighten your supervision on the playground. Each of you go out with a few other teachers. Talk to each other and decide on zones you all need to cover. Recess is not a time for teachers to cluster together. ZONE SUPERVISION IS EXPECTED!

Grading....thinking ahead

Teachers, be proactive in your planning about assignments you will grade. Milestones testing weeks is not a time to give grades on student work. Communicate with parents about grading & what they should expect to see in the Parent Portal.

No Staff Development Wednesday & Thursday

However, we are working on class list development. Your grade leaders may be notifying you of a class list review. Stay tuned.

STEAM Staff Development after school Thursday

Staffing Update 16/17 School Year

Michelle Crittenden will move from 3rd grade to 5th grade

Sharla Morrison will move from 4th grade to 2nd grade

Heidi Holland will move from IRR/4th grade to 1st grade

Jennifer Baratto will be our LSTC

Justin Banks will be our PE Teacher

Kathy Poole will serve as our Bookkeeper

External Hires

Mr. Al Sadler, currently a teacher in Newton County, will join our IRR Team

Mr. David Rouk, currently a teacher at Lovin Elementary School (GCPS), will teach 4th grade

Ms. Lauren Blanchard, currently a music teacher at Anderson-Livsey Elementary School (GCPS), will be our music teacher

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