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An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information and/or data. It is a great way for students to synthesize information into a concise format that is visually pleasing and easy to read.
Check this one on Hashtags!
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Bookmarking in Chrome

    • It's easy to have all your favorite websites at your fingertips! Make sure you are signed into Chrome, then navigate to the site you want to bookmark, then click on the star in the right-hand corner of the address bar.

    • The site is now bookmarked.

  • Organize your Favorites in Folders:

    • On the toolbar to the right of the star/address bar there are three horizontal bars, click on them, go to bookmarks, then bookmark manager to create folders to organize your websites. You can see in the picture below some of the folders, I’ve created.

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Common Core App

Download the common core app and have the standards at your fingertips!
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Ms. Trott's Students Reviews:

I read the book Where She Went by Gayle Forman, which is the sequel to the book If I Stay. Both of these books are based around two characters, Mia and Adam. Nothing was the same between them after a car crash that nearly killed Mia. Eventually they both went down separate paths of stardom until Adam and Mia meet unsuspectedly in NYC.

Throughout both of these stories romance is a strong theme. In the first book you watch the two characters as they learn more about each other. Then you see this again in the second book when they reconnect. Their feelings arise again in a very similar way to the first book, so people who originally enjoyed the first book, would likely enjoy this one too.

Both books by Gayle Forman have made the New York Times bestseller list. The first one was even made into a movie. It is easy to see why. The books mix up the ideas just enough to keep you interested but both follow the same themes and similarities that people loved about the first one. Told from different perspectives, the fast paced dramas are a great read. By Rebecca Salzer

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

In the book 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen returns home from school on day finding a box full of tapes on his front porch. They had 7 different tapes inside with thirteen stories that were recorded of Hannah Beaker voice, a classmate that committed suicide two weeks earlier. He was confused about why it was sent to him, how it was sent to him, questioning everything. Was he one of the reasons why they were sent to him? What did he ever do to this poor Hannah Beaker? On the first tape, Hannah Beaker comes on telling the listener that on each tape they have two sides, each different side have a reason why she committed suicide. The tapes come with a map and would have to walk to each spot while listening to the story. She tells them that you'll have to listen to each of these tapes and the next person on the list of names will have to receive the box of tapes. if they fail to give the next person on the list the box of tapes, all the tapes will be shown to the whole entire staff and students in the school. (pause) How will she know if we didn't pass along the box of tapes? Does she have someone watching us? But I don't want to take the chance….(play)

In the book “Si-cology” it is about a man named Silas Robertson or Si for short. This book is about his life and his background as a kid. The “book of Si” is quite funny actually. in the book he talks about his too-close-for-comfort encounter with an alligator. He also talks about where he lived which was in the backwoods of Vivian, Louisiana and how his childhood was there.


In this book you will read about many outlandish stories(that get stretched a little bit). my favorite on that is completely NOT true is… when Si served in the war the Vietnam war that is he tells a story that someone stole a tire of his jeep in the middle of the night… well heres the kicker it was while HE WAS DRIVING!!!! Ya I know weird right?

What's new...Mini-MakerSpace!

  • A new trend in school libraries is the inclusion of a MakerSpace. This is a dedicated space to allow student a safe place to explore and create, with no set goal in place. This is a student driven space, where they use creativity, innovation, collaboration to create whatever they want with the materials provide. I'm starting small with mini MakerSpace to explore this idea. For the first month I had resources to help explore the world of origami. It wasn't a huge success, but there were a few interested students. We’ve moved on to “What can You Create with Duct Tape?” I have rolls of different patterned duct tape for the students to use. This seems to be a hit.

  • Here’s a great article on Makerspaces in the School.

  • What can YOU do to help. We are looking for donations of tools, storage bins, 9V batteries, fabric material, wallpaper books, non-working electrical equipment, egg cartons, metal altoid containers, and safety goggles.

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