Life Through Social Media

Lauren Dangerfield

Corruption in Media?

Media has formed society into what it is today. People walk on the streets of the world and within a blink of an eye, their whole image is surrounded by media. From magazines to pictures to television shows, all of these promote either positive or negative into the brains of society. Little girls are being challenged to have complete resemblance to the “beautiful” women on the magazines that weigh around 110 pounds and are as tall as 5”11- promoting negative thinking. Media can also be portrayed negatively with the click of a button. The internet has been a main site for media including social networking sites, ads, and even television shows. Social media requires media literacy in order to be a positive environment in the electronic world. In order to be media literate, one must always let their brains work faster than their fingers. It’s no longer “think before you speak”, it’s now “think before you type.” In this new society, most of our everyday problems are due to miscommunication because we are typing out our feelings instead of saying them aloud to the person we are talking to. Now, sarcasm is not heard so when read over the internet, it is taken offensively and that is just one cause to our corruption in the social media world today. If one wants to be media literate, they must use the social media world to a small amount and let their words be the main source of their communication. Most teens this day don’t understand that whatever it placed on the internet will remain there forever-even if it’s deleted.

Corruption in Our "Unified" World

Make Love, Not War.

Lauren Dangerfield


Honors Lit- 2nd block

10 February 2014

Axe Peace Précis

In the commercial for Axe cologne entitled Axe Peace (2014), it asserts that our world should be revolving more around love and peace rather than war by initially starting the commercial with the idea of hatred and war and in the end, revolving it into misinterpreted actions of love. Axe supports their thesis by demonstrating war using the tank guns regularly seen in war scenes, bombing device and our American troops about to attack which initiates our first thought to tragedy; however, the scenes revolve into a loving gesture like the dictator presenting something special to his wife, and the two men who surprised their wives back home which changes our point of view to emotional. The author’s purpose is to connect people all around the world using a subject that bites deep into the veins of their heart in order to explain that people may be misinterpreted but anyone can use the Axe fragrance and it can bring love into their hearts and hopefully spark a relationship between two people. The author writes in an emotional tone for the men and women around the world fighting for their country to get out the word of love and let it be used by anyone.

Kenetic Typography

I Am Grateful

I love Jesus. Life meant nothing, life had no existence, life was meaningless, life was empty without Him. Everything was going to be pointless and with no meaning if there was no Jesus. God created the world and when sin entered the world, He knew He had to do something to prevent sin from entering our lives and making us live eternally without Him. So, He gave His one and only son, one and only, to die for our sins and we are forever thankful. Although no one seems to be thankful and seems to be oblivious to Him and how He’s always there for us, He is never mad or unforgiving. I’m so thankful that my Jesus has saved me and for that I am eternally grateful and I am not worthy of that. My life is changed for the better because I have a savior and I know He will always be there for me regardless when no one else will be. It’s a comforting thought to know I always have someone to hold my hand even when my world feels like it is falling apart. With Jesus, I am changed and I am a new creation through the power of Christ. My best choice in my whole entire life was telling Jesus to come into my life because “God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalms 46:5 Jesus Jesus Jesus Thankful Thankful Thankful Sin Sin Sin Life Life Life Empty Empty Empty New New New Creation Creation Creation

Satire News Article

Fangirling Fanatics

Lauren Dangerfield- Current Event Reporter

Tues. March 18, 2014

ATLANTA- Teenage girls and boys can’t even handle thinking about meeting their idol in person one day. Some may call it obsession; it is famously named as Fangirling. Fangirling is a random outbreak of cries, laughter, chill bumps and screams when the person witnesses their “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” talking, singing, and even breathing. This common case of Fangirling can be towards famous people or simply towards the breathtakingly beautiful people seen just a couple miles away.

In the past years, sales for T-shirts, tickets, and used tissues from the raided trash cans have increased miraculously. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a used tissue from Justin Bieber? I would, especially since there might be remains of his substances used recently- talk about money. Now, who exactly goes trash can diving in the famous people’s trash and how are they allowed in? This must be a type of cult formed to get all of them... oh wait, that’s the fangirls of the world.

I’ve decided to research this topic more and I came across a famous Viner, an application on all smart phones that allows you to record up to six seconds of funny scenes, and she agreed to meet with me and answer a couple of my questions.

We ended meeting up at my business office and she requested that her name not be given out to the public so I shall refer to her as Anon. I continued to ask Anon, “Why would you spend your time obsessing over Justin when you can be meeting new males who may want to date you? You’re chances of meeting Justin are slim to none.” Obviously, what I had said had unfortunately upset her and she stormed out. A couple days later, I was scrolling across her Vine page and found a new video posted a couple minutes after I had left that was imitating me and responding in a way I cannot repeat. I guess all the Beliebers out there are becoming more rebellious just like the number one Bieber.

So, I continue in my search to find out why any person would care to obsess over a famous person in such a way that causes imaginary heart break and constant pain of not meeting them. I feel my next victims will be the Twilight fans. Should I interview Team Jacob or Team Edward first? I heard Team Edward was really cold-hearted.

Performance Final

Reaction to 1984

George Orwell is an amazing author that left his novel with much more depth than any novel written today. The book was a tough one to read but with time, it allowed my brain to rethink the English language and how to form words in ways that makes a statement yet leaves people thinking. The novel itself was similar to books I had read and very similar to my favorite novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Both of these pieces of literature were a distorted view on society and due to these two books not being the only ones, it made me think how other people interpret our world today. Our world looks fine from the outside but living on the inside, it's another level of Hell just like Dante's Inferno written by Dante Alighieri. It depends which side of the totem pole you are on to be interpreting our distorted government. You could be on the top which promises a rich life full of possessions but a sad life with no connection of love. But, if you are on the bottom then you could be surrounded with family and love, but the lack of possessions are causing an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. Although this book seems way out of proportion to our society today, it relates more than you would think. This book left me feeling the way one would feel at the bottom of the totem pole. I am surrounded with tons of family and love but my mind was completely submerged in this novel where my only thoughts during the day were trying to figure out how one man could think of our world in such a corrupt mind state. Once the book ended and I was left with the knowledge of Winston and Julia losing all sense of love and feeling towards one another, it threw me off guard and made me have to rethink this whole book. What was Orwell trying to explain to us in this novel? We may never know, but we may have the best idea of it. I try to think of this novel as a point to our government and how everything is hidden from us with secrets left and right and where the children (or the proles) are our only hope to overthrow this society. Our government is another story that can wait for another blog post because it would be far too long and there aren't enough words in the English Dictionary to explain. Our society is only reliant on possessions and social standing on the totem pole. If you're high on it, you are "happy in life" but if one has ever made it to the top, they will soon realize that money is the root of all evil. This book allowed my mind to "double-think" and keep comparing my idea of society to George Orwell's idea 65 years earlier.

Senior Media Literacy

This class was much more different then I had imagined it to be. I thought it would be reading literature every day and comparing the culture in Britain to our culture in America. I was wrong. They decided to change the course on us and switch it to Media Literacy. I’m not quite sure why and I’m still unsure of this change. I wanted to be more educated on the wonderful works of literature to prepare myself for literature in college but instead, I was educated on how to be safe on computers and how you should be careful what you post on the internet. In all honesty, I didn’t enjoy this course and I feel I didn’t take much from it. I hope this doesn’t change my grade but I really enjoy literature like poems, essays and analyzing them and seeing how the poet’s language is not straight forward and having to put pieces together like a puzzle in order to try to comprehend the work of art. This media literacy class is well done; don’t get me wrong, I just wish we had made that a chapter of the unit and not the whole semester’s unit for the class. In the future, I feel as though other students would enjoy this class more if we started to read more poems that relate to social media and novels if possible. The class could still be based on the media world, but a lot more students would go home more educated every day if we tried to squeeze in more written pieces. I think the idea for this class was put together very well and since it was the first semester of this new class, I understand that it is still a work in progress. I hope this helps all the teachers next year in preparing for the next seniors and allowing their brains to absorb more information on our literature instead of absorbing more information on the internet and our society. I also hope it will keep the rising seniors busy and allow their minds to indulge in this unit of literature.