Amendment 1

Freedom of press


Freedom of press is the right to be able to write and express things and it published. The government cannot stop you from having something published that you have written. But, there are restrictions to what you publish and the government can punish you if you go past the restriction.

Current Use

Many people write books for many reasons. For education, facts, entertainment, etc. Many people publish lots of books and other written things for different reasons. Some written entertainment can be written with murders and still might not be past the restrictions. But, when you write about negative things that can harm people then it is past the restrictions and the government will punish you. For example if you write a book on a plan to kill the president that can actually work then you would be punished by the government.


Freedom of press is very important because it allows people to write what they want to entertain, give facts, share stories, etc. A lot of our education is involved in books to teach us writing, grammar, spelling, reading improvement, etc. If the government didn't allow certain books it would be unfair to the people who wrote it and want to read it.I agree that if someone wrote a very negative and bad book then it should not be published and they should be punished.


Freedom of press is an important freedom we have. Without freedom of press people would not be able to punish many books and it would be unfair to the writer and the people. People are able to have books published without the government having to approve it. The cannot be published if it is used in a very negative way and is over the restrictions.