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About the job

  • Phycology is the study of mind and behavior
  • There are many different types of psychologists
  • Students who graduate with an Associates Degree in psychology will typically transfer to a four-year institution.
  • psychology relies on scientific method
  • There are many different branches of psychology
  • psychologists conduct scientific studies of behavior and brain function
  • psychologists have the professional training
  • Find patterns that will help them understand and predict behaviour
  • Work with individuals, couples, and families to help them make desired changes to behaviours
  • Identify and diagnose mental, behavioural, or emotional disorders

Pros and cons about this career

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Things you need to succeed in this career/ classes you should take in high school

  • Most psychologist have a masters degree and attend many years of college
  • chemistry, because it teaches you about health.
  • biology, because it teaches you data analysis so you can keep track of your patiences
  • Motivational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Clear boundaries
  • High ethical standards

Colleges you can attend to get a degree for this career

University of Michigan


1: this school offers a lot of options and other class choices

2: the price to go to that school isn't too much

3: computers are on campus for the students to use so you can access many things at school


1: the school is in Michigan not Wisconsin.

2: visiting family from Wisconsin could be harder because of the distance

3: it's located in a bigger city so it could be loud at night from traffic or other things like that outside

University of Green Bay Wisconsin


1: it's in Green Bay so it will be easy to get there

2: they offer on campus living

3: the in state tuition is a good price ($7,758)


1: the dorm room rules are "first come first serve" so if you want on school living you would have to try to apply for that fast

2: if you don't get on school living you would have to drive to the school every time you had classes

3: parking spaces get filled fast

University of Fon Du Lac


1: they have a very good large library and computer lab

2: they offer associates degrees

3: it's smaller and in less of a city so things will be more calm compared to other schools in large city's


1: it's a drive to get there

2: no on campus security just 24 hour alarms

3: not as many classes or things to study to get your degree as the other schools

Job advertisement


If you are a professional psychologist with a masters degree and you are eligible for the job.