INFJ Personality

Characteristics of the Advocate

INFJ Strenghts

They are creative and speak in human terms. They go after their goals with passion if it is something important to them.

INFJ Weaknesses

They are very sensitive and can burn out easily. They are hard to get to know because they don't open up until they are sure of a person. They are also perfectionists.
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INFJ Characters

INFJ's are diplomats. They are loyal and build relationships on understanding. They encourage growth and are empathetic. They are the counselors and protective nurturers of the world.
All of these characters are the protectors and nurturers of their movies.

Words from an INFJ about Myers Briggs

"I was really surprised about how many of the characteristics were true for me. I do have a very vivid imagination and avoid conflict. I can also burn out very easily and my perfectionistic eye can sometimes make easy things tedious. I'm not sure how much of a counselor I am and I sometimes open up easily. I guess I'm kind of a minor INFJ in a sense".