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1) Stories of a silent ninja in an e_e_t_o_ ?? error

2) WOOHOO! MARCH-away with FLY!!

3) Long long time ago~~


Ninja in action ( ELECTION)

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the candidates who took a brave step ahead in applying for this position. My personal takeaway from this round of application is each and every candidate is very unique to me and if you realised, the trend among their speeches during the election carries the purpose behind why they want the position so badly. Like what being said all the time, I really hope to see the applicants in this round would discover more about themselves throughout the process no matter what is the outcome at the end of the day.

People often describe me as “successful” due to my path in AIESEC but often they don’t see the other side of me. I still see myself as a “failure” today because I always seek different ways to improve myself. All those experiences that I had in the past which is in and out of AIESEC, I still face tons of rejection, feedback and even some lonely period. Feel free to talk to me and I’m willing to share with you about my experiences. I really wish all of the candidates who had passed or doesn’t pass will still carry the same spirit as I am till today.

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For your information, second round application will be up soon! To me, for those who missed the first round of application or planning to go for second round application, please grab this chance to take the lead. Looking forward to see the second wave of applicants and all the best in your application! :)


F.L.Y away~~~~~~~

Hi there, my name is Michelle Beh and I am the OCP of the FLY with AIESEC exchange fair and info session term 15/16. My team and I, or we call ourselves as the FLY team, had started promoting the FLY with AIESEC exchange fair since the 2nd of March via our promoting booth at SA circle.

FLY Fair

  • Unmanned promo booth (two days) and manned booth
  • Exchange fair (10th March)- targeting three issues (Education , Culture Understanding, Environmental
  • Two mascots dressing up as a pilot and air stewardess
  • FLY Cheese Campaign a photo Campaign to win subsidies to exchange
  • Total Signups are 82

Info Session

  • Promotion Booth at SA circle
  • Signups from 82 boosts to 104 people
  • Understand what is GCP
  • 71 attendees


Special Thanks to Emily Ooi, Slyvia, Candice, Chen Hao, Sue Yee and Sok Sian for their inspiring sharing session. From the overall journey, FLY team would like to show their utmost appreciation to everyone on the LC for giving us endless support and help. Without you, the events would never had succeeded. With this, FLY team would like to sign off and we hope to see even greater results in the future!


Long long time ago~~ they say (Departmental Updates)

Opps! Handsome drop soap guy is here...(approach YY with soap to know more)

For the past month, FL had 2 departmental meetings, which focus on 2 main things:

reconstructing Finance Coordinator structure and revamping Inventory tracking system.

Finance Coordinator Structure:

First of all, thanks to the departments who involved in this project. The main reasons to have finance coordinator are to assist departments in finance tracking and decision making, and boost up process in claiming.

Also, thanks to those who take initiative to become a finance coordinator:

  • CR = Shermaine Siew

  • oGCP = Sue Faye

  • NCR = Yu Sheng Hong

  • PM FORWARD = Lim Sher Maine

  • PM TechCycle = See Neng

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Inventory tracking System:

Previous inventory tracking system wasn't well-organized, so there is a need to revamp the whole system in order to allow members effectively request materials from FL. This will be in charge by Maggie, stay tuned for more update on this.

Claiming process:

There was a CR-FL meet to boost up claiming process to ease CR team on their sales campaign. The price of transportation is standardized as shown, and there is new tracker for CR team to claim, and ease CR’s finance coordinator to track expenses.

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At the end, I would like to have SPECIAL THANKS to Maggie Yaw, she has gone through sleepless nights will Amelia Teh to decorate props for Photo Booth!

To Maggie: I’m very proud and appreciate your proactive not only in FL-MarComm photobooth, but also during meeting and discussion. Very proud of you that you provide many inputs in discussion and make your own decision. You’ve improved a lot! Keep it up!! :D


Let mushroom Speak... Ze-Yuin

[FLY Exchange Fair 2015!]
To attract potential exchange participants by showcasing sub-product issues and projects of focus countries!

Issues: Education * Cultural * Environmental
Focus countries: Mainland of China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, Romania

[GCP Info Session]

To educate potential EPs on Global Citizen Programme through past EPs’ sharings and how to proceed with the application.

2 sessions:
- 6.30pm-7.30pm
- 8pm-9pm

[Expectation Setting]
A session with EPs to ensure correct expectations from both sides, fees collection and EP buddy introduction!

[Outgoing Preparation Seminar]

To get our EPs well prepared before they fly for their life-changing experiences!

[Recognition & Reward]
To the amazing #FLY Team: Michelle, Chen Hao, Adrian, KK, Aliesha, Mariani, Candice, Amelia and Maggie

Main collaborators Kelvin & Zhi Yeung:
Congratulation for a job well done! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for all the effort each and every single of you had put in for the event. Thank you for bringing Global Citizen Programme to the reach of students of UNMC, and guiding them one step closer towards their 6-weeks journey worth sharing for a lifetime.


Also shoutout to all the amazing volunteers who helped out in our promotional booth, lecture bashing, booth decoration and FLY event : THANK YOU! We wouldn’t have made it without you guys! :*)


A handsome guy need to speak, ohh is Vân

First of all wish you all have a very kick start for the new semester. And although CNY is no more, we still want to say Gong Xi Fat Cai to all of you.

Here are some updates from NCR:

Team Expansion is trying their best to approach more NGOs and form more partnerships. They successfully secured 2 appointments this week (Thursday and Friday). Feel free to approach them if you want to know more on it. I appreciate workload and stress they are having now. If you see Yu Sheng, Deron and Patricia in any place, please hug them or give them a pat on shoulder.

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Team Interns Management currently doesn’t receive any EPs. But it doesn’t mean they are jobless hehehe! They will assist team Expansion during appointments with NGOs as well as start working on new initiative (haven't named yet) for better EP experience. As we receive a very good feedback towards EP servicing so Narda and Seng Hong deserve a pat on shoulder as well for good job.

Together with oGIP, we had our booth to showcase Environment in FLY event. I would like to thank my team for all hard work and sleepless night.

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Pattern more than Badminton~ Jech ~

oGTP Departmental Updates

oGTP department is now working on Faculty engagement and our target is Nottingham Business School!

We are also in the process of analysing new sub-product for our LC.

Besides, oGTP nationally is now working very hard on the country partnership and our Jech Chua is the Country Coordinator of Hong Kong.

Upcoming Events

We will be promoting oGTP to Nottingham Business School Final Year students through email and also Facebook after the promotional peak of oGCP.

Shoutout to:

Thank you Mun Kei for taking initiative to be the person in charge of oGTP for FLY event.

Thank you Bi-kgai for completing the task given perfectly.

Thank you Xin Yi for being cooperative despite being very busy with final year schedule.

Thank you Pei Yee for always finish the task way before deadline.

Overall, thank you everyone in this department and it is good to have you all here. oGTP might seem a bit isolated from other department and it is hard for us to see results. I hope all of us can do our best to push oGTP to a greater height.

For the other AIESECers, please spread around oGTP to the people around you. Let’s make oGTP happens!!! :D
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I'm tall just that not the taller one ~ Sulim~

RMC Kick-off is over and right until now we have our 5 finalist teams to present their ideas to the Accenture on upcoming Monday in their office! Let’s wish all the best to all the participants :) Not to forget the men behind the scene, Harish and Douglas, who have been constantly engaging with the participants and Accenture to ensure a smooth flow!

Also in regards to Social Startup Challenge which will be happening on 11th of April, the OC team is HOT TO GO as we have secured partners and venue for this event. Aaaaaand guess who the principal partner is?!
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I would like express my greatest gratitude to Aaron and Hau Jie (not forgetting the rest of the team) for making this initiative on track, hope to see more great works from you guys and strive for the best in your event!


The DRIEST guy in the world ~Ah chow~


Just conducted our TLP training with &Samhoud in their office last Wednesday!

Candice, one of our member from our TLP team who worked closely together with the FLY event team since last month to prepare for our info session and it was successfully organised yesterday

Our LEAD Connect team led by OCP Lavina has successfully engaged with Genovasi over the past few weeks. The event will happening at the 1st of April in our campus and more details will be up soon in the group. Please stay tuned!


OCP: Lavina Natasha Rayan

OCER:Hau Jie

OCFL: Maggie Yaw

OCV&L: Subrash Singh *resurrected senior*

OC MarComm: Chai Ming Wong

Upcoming events

-We are launching coaching week in the upcoming few weeks, guidelines & materials to be sent to all of you. Spend some time to talk to your members and directors!

-2 more TLP training will be happening in this month. Special thanks to Wendy, our Director of TLP who coordinate this since February.

-As you all know, there is 2 OC team working really hard behind the scene to deliver the best experience for the members in our LC.

-ANAN, stands for AIESEC Nottingham Awards Night which is an event happens annually to reward the people who contributed towards the organisation throughout the whole year. I’m not going to announce much details about this event as this will be a surprise for everyone!


OCP: Wong Wen Wen

OC Finance: Shermaine

OC Logistics: Kelly, Chee Kian

OC Multimedia: Ayman

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Candice- Good job and well done for being the OC in the FLY event team. I know you are facing some hard period over the past few weeks but you still manage to survive through it! Super proud of you <3 <3 <3 Now please promise me to have a good rest :)

Feeza- I know there is some down moments for you since after MyLDS but hey just want to let you know that feel free to talk to anyone in the team personally. We are always by your side willing to help you out :D Thanks for coordinating the booth for exhibition fair and I really want to congratulate you for a job well done :)

Lavina & Apple- To my 2 beloved OCP in my department, I know working behind the scene since the past month might sounds challenging and demotivating due to no one recognised your effort but I will promise that we all are in this together! <3

Xing Yi- The noisiest girl in my department :P Will miss your presence if you are not around. Thank you for bringing the energy to the team sometimes and all the best in your studies, don’t stress out!


Colgate Promoter~Khai Wei~

TechCycle Tech4All

EPs had just went back to their countries respectively and in the recent batch,we had achieved:

More than 200 e-waste collected and 10 workshops conducted

Our next batch will be at June and stay tuned for something bigger from TechCycle Tech4All


Our so gorgeous yet so man VP ~ Sarah~

Why? follow the flow you will have ohh moment!


Greetings from CR! As some of you might not aware, this week is our third and last week of sales campaign which means everyone will be stop doing cold calling and follow up appointments will be done in the upcoming weeks. I thank my team for putting their effort thus far and see the achievement they attained by themselves, I’m truly proud of them.

Also, thank you for those who’ve signed up for CR’s operation interest form, for those who don’t, you’re still free to sign up and you’ll be contacted soon!


This coming Sunday, 15th March, we will be having our 3rd realization which led by Wayne *claps* and do let him know if you would like to pick the intern from the airport at 9am on Sunday!

Upcoming- CEEDer

We will be having a CEEDer, Anurag who is coming from India and will be sparing 8 days in UNMC. He will be here with CRians to boost our performance and teach us some GTP skills. Do join us if you would like to and it’s time to get to know about AIESEC in India too!

*His LC had 100 realization for iGIP.


Throughout these months, I thank my directors (Kah Jun & Chau Yong) who led the team when I was not around in Malaysia, Kar Yin and Shermaine being so patient towards teaching the others and Wayne, Ivan, Gavin, Michelle, Ryan, Pak Lun for being so open to everyone in the team and I believe we as a team, will strive for the best, be the TOP iGTP in AIESEC in Malaysia while delivering the best impact to all the stakeholders!
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Laziness more than his Fat ~Jerome~

Want to know more about MarComm ask the FAT guy below:

To show our respect call him FAT GUY from now on yeah! *fitnesscampaign*

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