Geography of England

Egland comprises most of the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain, in addition to a number of small islands of which the largest is the Isle of Wight. England is bordered to the north by Scotland and to the west of Wales.

Region of England

  • East of England
  • East Midlands
  • London
  • North East
  • South East
  • South West
  • North West
  • West Midlands.

Area of England

50,346 mi square


Warm summers and cool winters. Summers are cooler but winters are milder. The overall climate in England is called temperate maritime.

Capital city

Guildhall, London

Largest Cities

City of London, Egland- 7,556,900 people

Birmingham, England- 984,33 people

Glasgow, Scotland- 610,268 people


53.01 million
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AIDS and Etc.

103,700 people living with HIV

0.19% adult HIV prevalence

6,151 new HIV infections

613 AIDS related deaths

91% adults on antiretroviral treatment

Literacy Rate

Male: 99%

Female: 99%

Language of England

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Family household

  • 29 per cent consisted of only one person. In 1973 nine per cent of adults lived alone.
  • 20 per cent consisted of four or more people.
  • 12.3 million household consist of a couple with or without children.
  • The average size of household in the UK in 2013 was 2.4
  • 1.7 is the average number of dependent children in a family


Clothings is pretty normal, but there are a few more changes. England has more up to date style with fancy dresses, shirts, skirts and tuxideos


  • Alton Towers
  • Horse Back riding
  • Windsor Castle
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England form of Government is a constitutional Monarchy, which combines a monarch head of state with a parliamentary.
  • Status is FREE
  • Freedom rating (1=bests,7+worst) 1.0
  • Civil Liberties =1
  • Political rights= 1


  • GDP of England= 2 trillion USD
  • GDP of World=75.59 trillion
  • Labor= 2%
  • Indusry=15%
  • Services=56%
  • Agriculture=29%