Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders

By: Pranav Venkateswaran

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton does have a fair amount of political experience under her belt . She started her career in politics as being the first lady under her husband Bill Clinton . After that Bill Clinton used his influence to get Hillary Clinton into Congress . She became the senator of New York . After her time in the senate she proceeded to be the secretary of state under current President Barack Obama .

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is probably the most unique candidate (apart from Donald trump for a different reason ) in terms of policy .Bernie Sanders entered the political scene as being the mayor of Burlington VT . The people liked him so much that they re - elected him for two more terms . After that he ran for the senator position for Vermont which he won and what he did before he decided to run for president .

Hillary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders - Analysis on who deserves to win

Make no mistake about it , the right choice is Bernie Sanders . He is the only person who can get this country back on the road . To look at how bad of a shape our country is in let us take a look at some stats .Our current debt is reaching $20 trillion dollars . US interest rates are becoming incredibly high and a lot of people do not even have healthcare .The good news is that we can still recover .This country has suffered in the past from economic strife and has recovered quite impressively . What has saved this country is socialism . The idea that certain services should be gaurenteed regardless of income level. The new deal programs instituted by FDR during the great depression were socialistic ideals . The social security act and the NRA amongst others are socialistic legistlations that helped in getting this country back on the road . It is sad therefore to see and hear that people are not voting for Bernie Sanders because "he is a socialist". It is a good thing that he is a socialist , we need more people like him . I do get the anti - socialism sentiment . They look at regimes like the Nazis and the USSR who have socialism in their names and assume that socialism is bad . This is ridiculous because what if capitalism was part of the name . Would that then mean that Communism or Totalitarianism are better simply on the fact that capitalism was in the name . The USSR was Communist and the Nazis were totalitarian and if you want to associate a social / economic system to them , it would certainly be Communism not Socialism . Their systems fit a totalitarian and Communistic system perfectly . The idea of total governmental control . No chance for competing for products and thereby an offering of incentive . No rights . A socialistic society like Denmark are much more lenient and in a lot of cases have better systems then Capitalistic societies like the US. I am not a huge proponent of Lazzire faire economics . This idea that the government should stay out of the economy and the market is at least to me ridiculous . The government should not be selling anything to the people and a market where the people decide weather something suceeds or not is fantastic but the government should make sure that the companies are not hurting the working class people . Bernie Sanders is the perfect candidate to implement more socialism into this economy . Do this for me will you ? Name one time when deregulation has worked . You just cannot . Bernie Sanders wants to regulate wall street while Hillary Clinton says she wants to , yet she has been taking money from wall street . Bernie Sanders when challenged ironically by Hillary Clinton to release his tax returns released them while Clinton when challenged to release her payed speeches to Goldman Sachs did not do so and as been avoiding the issue ever since it was first brought up . She cannot take on Wall street when they are paying her and her husband to represent them . She was originally for NAFTA ( North American free trade agreement ) when her husband was fighting for it to get passed . But now after the passing of NAFTA and the negitive effect that it had on the economy , she now claims that it was a mistake . Bernie Sanders does not have a super PAC while Clinton does . He has always been a huge supporter of the Middle class while Clinton only recently seems to have wanted to help the American people . Moving on to social issues . Bernie Sanders ever since he became Senator , supported LGBT rights . There is evidance of this in a video of him confronting a conservative on a comment he made of Homosexuals in the Milatary . While Clinton in 2005 in response to a question has to weather the state of New York should reconize gay marrige replied with No. Of course now that she is running for president , and more people support Gays and Lesibians now then they did when she was Senator , she supports them . Bernie Sanders wants a $15 dollar minimum wage while Clinton wants $12 dollars . Bernie Sanders wants to gaurntee healthcare to all people as a right while Clinton wants the corrupt healthcare industry to continue to keep healthcare hostage and use it to swindle money from the Middle class . Moving on to international affairs . Bernie Sanders wants to get rid of ISIS by having the Arabian countries go after them and the United States plays more of a supporting role . Clinton wants the US to be incredibly involved in this problem which is what has caused the world to hate us . It risks getting into wars that can be otherwise avoided . Bernie Sanders rightfully voted against the Iraq war while Clinton voted for it . Bernie actually outlined 5 reasons why he was voting against this war and when the war came to an end , all five of the things that he was concerned about came back to bite the United States . So with all of that said , Bernie Sanders deserves to hold the esteemed office of president and Clinton better not even be near the Oval office as doing so might result in failure for this country . I mean Clinton is better then any Republican in office , but that is not saying much . What is country needs is an intellectual like Bernie Sanders .

Projections on who will win

If you were to just look at Delegate count it would seem like Clinton would win , as she has a huge lead over Bernie Sanders . But it is not impossible for Bernie as California is coming up which is offering over 400 delegates and a win there by Bernie would certainly put in him back on track . Also keep in mind that Hillary Clinton is being criminally investigated by the FBI in regards to her emails , and if indited she will not be able to move on to the presidential elections . This does not gaurentee Bernie to be the Nominee as the DNC might bring in another candidate which could cause an issue to Bernie especially if that nominee is Joe Biden . The important thing for Bernie should be making a pitch to the people of California as to his elect ability and the expressing of the crimes that Hillary Clinton has committed .