Changing Careers


Tips and information


The information that I am going to be sharing is about Changing Careers in the Engineering field and what you will have to go trough to get into a different career away from engineering.


1. Have a plan for what you will do after you leave the engineering career.

One day you decide to leave and have no back up plan on where you are going so you are now left out of a job many with a family to support and a house and car to pay for.

2. Give a valid reason for why you are leaving the job.

On that day that you decide to leave your engineering job when you give them your notice do not tell them you do not like the job. you need to tell them something more like it is not working out or you need a change.

3.Allow them to contact you if they ever need anything

Allowing them to contact you because you could have been the only one that knows how to work the machine. So you could be the only one to train them so you could stay in contact with them.

4. Do not leave the job in the middle of a big job unless you have to.

When you are about half way trough a big job like building a brig do not just leave your job and leave them dead in the water because you are not there to help with the build so stay there trough the big job unless you have to leave the job for a valid reason.

5. Before you do it make sure you are making the right decision on quitting your job

when you quit the job you need to have a back up plan and make sure that you will be able to get a job or go into college to get a degree to make it into another career so you do not lose money and many lose your house and everything else.

6. After leaving the job do not say bad things about the company you left.

When you decide to quit and many get a new job do not run the last company you worked foe into the ground because it will look bad on you and the company will not want to keep you and the word will get out and make businesses not want you to work for them if you are going to give them a bad name.