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Preparing for sweet & sassy portraits!

Tips to help you get ready

We have received your portrait registration form and your session fee payment - thank you! Please note your confirmed session and back-up date above. Prepare yourself for a day you won't soon forget. You'll be in front of Jennifer's lens before you know it! We've prepared a short checklist to help you relax the day of your shoot.
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1. Styling prep

Before the shoot:
  • Moisturize those lips
  • Getting your nails done? Think neutral colors to compliment the looks we create.
  • Eyebrows? If you're planning on this, schedule it several days prior to the shoot.
  • Headed to your hair stylist? Plan that 1-2 weeks prior to the shoot and think about layers - they help create shape and style.
Day of:
  • Come with clean, un-styled hair without product.
  • Wash and moisturize your face but don't apply makeup.
  • Bring a set of false eyelashes w/ the adhesive.


If we are creating portraits in your own outfits, then two to three sets will be perfect. Keep in mind that a strapless look is beautiful and classical in portraits. Jennifer has a variety of dresses and outfit pieces to create pieces for clients as well. (every outfit shown in this email is available in studio).


Leave room for creativity and spontaneity during the shoot time. It will be a fun day and we'll cover a lot of ground:)! Also, make plans to go out in the evening and show off your makeover!
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Kind words from a client:

"Having pictures done by Jennifer is an amazing experience. Not only are the pictures beautiful pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime, but the experience of getting the pictures done is outstanding. Jennifer never makes you feel rushed. She makes you feel like you are the center of her world right then. ALL focus is on you and making your and her vision come true. However, I will say, her vision is well beyond what most people ever can imagine." ~ Amanda Costley

Jennifer DiDio Photography

Last minute questions? Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns; I am happy to help!