My Lfe

How it changed from these different events

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9/11 one of the most tragic events in the United States that changed how we view the safety of our country. This event changed my life, I had gone to Arizona with out the case of 9/11 I would not have gone through the three hours of airport security. This is more then just making your life more difficult but more so of keeping the public safe from terrorists.
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So my favorite football team the New England Patriots I watched them every timed they played for many years then one day I found out that my favorite player Tom Brady was cheating and my heart sunk he was a great idol to me and it affected my directly I have still not to this day watched New England Patriots since then.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina one of the deadliest hurricanes on record. I was watching a documentary where Katrina happened and it showed this told his story of how he was ended up going to go to Florida and never ended up going and could have possibly gone right to his death. It affected me indirect I thought to myself wow bizarre events happened everyday and not everybody knows about these events that they probably should.
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Shooting at Jimmy Johns

Right here in Cottage Grove their was a shooting between a guy and a girl. He shoot her for relationship problems. My brother Mike tells me on how he was going to work at jimmy johns and he was sick that day and the same day the event happened. It would have effected me so very much directly I would have maybe lost my oldest brother.
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The Bostin Bombing

The Boston bombing was a man was in a parade with multiple assailants and had decided to trigger an explosive killing as many as possible. I wanted to after high school go to Boston to live and explore the United States but after seeing the destructive power of the city I decided maybe I'll stay in Cottage Grove a little bit longer with much less threat this affected me indirectly.
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Syria war

The war on terrorism was very big in Syria and other third world countries with war and famien. This would be indirect I would personally sometime in my life would like to go a third world country and help the children and community of the countries like Syria.