Chapter 8-From Physics to Biology

By: Grayce Helton

Synopsis of Chapter 8

Chapter 8, From Physics to Biology, deals mostly with the fact that scientists and scholars all throughout time struggled to prove their theories and discover new elements correctly and truthfully. They have failed many times, but not giving up later succeeded or help someone else discover them. Some even discovered certain unknown elements without trying to do so. It took many tries to discover element 43, 93, and 15. Many elements were said to be discovered for the "first time" before they truly were discovered. Technetium was one of those elements. "No element has been discovered for the "first time" more times than element 43. It's the Loch Ness Monster of the elemental world" (Chapter 8, pg. 138). This chapter is mostly focused on Emilio Segre and Linus Pauling. How they both went through many struggles but became great scientists.


All of these elements are important. They all are useful for something that helps us. Neptunium is used for neuron detection instruments. Technetium helps us with medical research. Without Phosphorus we wouldn't have things like toothpaste or matches that make our lives easier. The more we know about these elements and the others helps us learn more about science in general. If people didn't care about the elements, we wouldn't have a lot of the things that we have today. Everything is able to be used to further our possibilities and expand our knowledge.
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