By Caiden, Laila, Andrew

Canyon by Caiden

A canyon is deep gorge, one with a small river or stream in it.

The Grand Canyon is a famous landform like this.

The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado river. The Colorado river was flowing through the canyon for many years, meaning in those years the river created erosion and the soil under the river slowly was moved farther up in the river. Scientists believe that the Grand Canyon took between 6.0 - 4.4 million years to form.

Gorges by Laila

A gorge is narrow cliff with steep rocky walls, especially one with a stream runs through or a canyon.

The Vernon George goes down to 700m deep forming the verdon river in France.

China's three gorges project is the largest water conservation in China.

Gorges are formed by river cutting down into sediment rock.

Gorges can be found anywhere if there is a river through it.

The Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal is the deepest gorge in the world at 18,278 ft.

Ridge by Andrew

A ridge is a long narrow elevation of land it can't be surrounded by water its most likely found in the desert.

The May ocean ridge is a system of interconnected ridges.

The jersey ridge is a famous ridge because of its size and how old it is.