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DSIL VC Session 2 | THURSDAY | 20 August @ 1pm Bangkok

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Registered participants will find the meeting access code at pax.dsilglobal.com

Featured Speaker: Sem Carree, Lecturer, Delft University of Technology; Laura Talsma, Founder, The Users Advocate

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Session Overview

This session will focus on the fundamentals of 'design thinking' and how it can be used as a systematic process for innovation across industries. We will talk about examples from industry, the process as practiced and taught at Delft University of Technology, and ways to apply it by individuals and teams.


  • 'From Design to Design Thinking' (below)
  • TED by Tim Brown, 'Designers- Think Big' (below)
  • Online Crash Course in Design Thinking by d.school (follow links here)
Tim Brown -- Transform 2009 - From Design to Design Thinking

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Speaker Profile

Laura Talsma, Founder, The Users Advocate

Laura is an impatient optimist – walking on the edge of technology, business, social science and design. Challenging the status quo with new systems, technology and products. Collaborating with pioneers of promising technology to succeed with the wisdom and insights of their future target market. While working in Indonesia, the idea originated to connect worlds – of different cultures, but also the makers of new products and their end users. The result of it – The User’s Advocate – provides innovation consulting and starts Social Enterprises. The company aims to create businesses that are engines for society – providing positive impact while creating a profit. Working with a global network of designers, engineers, inventors and end users – TUA has successfully brought user testing and insights into the R&D of both startups and large enterprises. With experience in East and Southern Africa, Angola, Europe, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Colombia, Brazil, and North America, Laura’s boots are in the mud where new innovations are about to change the world.

Sem Carree, Lecturer, Delft University of Technology

Sem Carree is a creative strategist, always trying to connect with the right purpose and friends to create and scale impact. Chaos is his friend, he is driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and loves the flow of the fuzzy front-end. This journey brought him as a consultant to social innovation projects in Vietnam, India and Colombia. Besides his work as creative strategist for theBlitzkickers, he is founder of Kleinhandel.org; a co-working space of 5.000m2 for the peculiar and promising in the innovation industry. Next to building out this kind of initiatives, he is course developer and lecturer of ‘Design Thinking Creating Opportunities’ at the Honours Programme of Delft University of Technology.

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