Middle childhood

chapter 7


  • Hearing is well developed in middle childhood.
  • Mid-range sound develop first.
  • Then followed by low,high range awareness.
  • Eleven kids have auditory awareness of adults.
  • Ear infection is a health problem.
  • can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • number decrease as structure changes.
  • Eustachian tube changes positions.
  • Connects middle ear to throat.
  • Helps prevent bacteria fluids from traveling ear.


  • At six kids are ready to read.
  • See object with both eyes, same time.
  • Ability to focus improve.
  • Some may be farsighted .
  • Can see object that are far away clearly.
  • Some may be near sighted.
  • Can see items close clearly.
  • May become nearsighted from reading close to face.
  • With correct lens nearsighted will go away.
  • 25 % will need vision corrected by the end of the 6 year.
  • Vision needs to be checked regularly.


  • Kids begin losing their baby teeth
  • first tooth is the central incisors
  • lower and upper teeth
  • twelve 20 primary teeth become permanent teeth
  • sometime appear out of proportion
  • facial bones grow; face lengthen
  • losing physiological effect some children.
  • children with poor dental hygiene habits.
  • have risk for cavities


  • obesity characterized by body-fat
  • consider obese when a person weight twenty more than there body weight
  • effect child's emotional health
  • children are teased ,have fewer friends
  • low self-esteem
  • some children parents are obese
  • no physical activity
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