Privacy and Security

By: Angelica Alvarez


When it comes to creating a profile online you have to create a password. Passwords are to keep anyone from going through your profiles and to protect it. You shouldn't share your password with anyone else, even if they are your friends. You may never know what they will do and take advantage with it. Also if you have multiple cites that need a password. Don't make them all the same. Have them different for each website. Also change your password once in a while.



When it comes to scams they try to get to get enough of your information and to trick you to steal. Somethings that they steal is your personal information, and try to get your money. Scammers use emails, ads, pop ups, and search results to trick you.



When it comes to your social media, don't put too much information. This can lead people to take your privacy away. By stealing your identity. Keep your social media settings in private. Don't have it in a way for others such as strangers to see.

User Agreements

When it comes to accepting the user agreements remember that it's like a contract. Your signing to your rights online to a social media or to other products. So please try to read the whole user agreements. Companies make the user agreements long to trick us to click accept without reading it. Also know what you are agreeing to. You may accept to agree on something that you may regret.



When it comes to our information we should have it private and secured. Here are some tips that can help you out.

  • Don't have an easy password that can be figured out so easily, but don't make it too complex to the fact that you can't remember.
  • Don't share information to strangers. Even if you are becoming friends you shouldn't share any personal information right away.
  • Don't enter in something to win money or any product, believe it or not it's a scam.
  • Always have your social media settings in private.