Math Minute

McHenry High School - March 2021

In this Edition:

  • Information about the Center for Science, Technology and Industry
  • Students of the Month for February
  • What our Students are Saying about... Hybrid Learning
  • Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Jason Myhre

The Big Move to the Center for Science, Technology and Industry at MCHS West Campus - Part 2!

It's finally here!!

The Mathematics Division is moving to the new wing on Monday, March 19th. The classrooms on the 400 level have whiteboard desks that can be seated in many different configurations based on students' needs on a day-to-day basis. There are two large TV monitors for projecting and whiteboards galore for students to write on. In addition, there is flexible seating available in the commons space ready for students to sit and get to work! We are so excited to bring all of our students into this beautiful new space starting next week!

Spring 2021 - Directions to the New Math Wing

Congratulations to our East and West Students of the Month!

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What our Students are Saying about... Hybrid Learning

We asked students, "What habits have you developed this year to help you do your best in your math class?"

Here were their responses:

We asked students, "What advice would you give students who are really struggling with school right now?"

Here were their responses:
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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Myhre at East Campus

Mr. Jason Myhre has been teaching math at McHenry High School for 16 years! He has taught many different courses in math, and was recently the co-sponsor for the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) as well as a Digital Literacy Coach. Mr. Myhre says that his favorite thing about teaching is "helping students (try to) find joy in studying mathematics and watching their self-esteem and attitudes toward math improve over a school year."

If he couldn't be a teacher, you would likely find Mr. Myhre as an astronaut, a tax accountant or maybe even an Avenger! He loves traveling, gaming, read comic books, see movies and go to the theater.