Series Of Unfortunate Events

By: Lemony Snicket

Main Characters

The main characters are Count Olaf, Dr. Montgomery, Sunny, Violet, and Klaus.


The children have been moved around as orphans to distant relatives and a terrible man named count Olaf wanted to steal their enormous amount of money that their parents left behind. The Baudelaire orphans Are taken to their next distant relative and are finally enjoying themselves but Count Olaf found his way back into their lives in a different disguise. The children try to tell their uncle but he finds out too late.


This is one of my all time favorite series and I like this book because of the suspense and the mysterious scenarios. My favorite part was when Mr. Poe crashes his car into Count Olaf saving the kids from going on the boat with Count Olaf. I don't like that the kids were not assertive enough when trying to warn Dr. Montgomery. I like all of the characters even the bad ones because I like all of the personalities that each person adds to the story. I think kids that are ten and up should read this book. If you like dark suspenseful books this is one for you.


five adjectives to describe this text: Horrifying, sad,depressing,terrible,quick witted.

This book uses literal and direct language that is easy to read and understand.

figurative Language:

"Stephano's smile turned to a scowl, and his stained teeth seemed to grow bigger. His eyes grew so shiny that it hurt Violet and Klaus to look at them." (Pg77) By the children saying that his eyes hurt them they meant that they knew that he was planning something cruel.

"With one flick of its tail, the snake unlatched the door of its cage and slithered out onto the table,and before Uncle Monty or any of the Baudelaire orphans could say anything,it opened its mouth and bit sunny right on the chin." (Pg26) The snake that bit sunny was named the incredibly deadly viper but it was not named for its venom but for its intelligence.

The level of language makes it easy for the reader to follow.