Sixth Grade Newsletter

January 17, 2016

Dear Parents,

Don't forget that we have half-days on Thursday and Friday this week. Lunch will be served and students will be dismissed at 12:40.

PE Reminder

Please send students with gym shoes on the week they have PE. They will not be allowed to participate in PE activities in snow boots for safety reasons.


We will continue reading Jason's Gold this week.

Students should have completed writing about whether Jason should choose the White Horse Trail or the Chilkoot Pass. Their responses should be based on the article we read in class, which was also shared with them through Edmodo.

Social Studies

6th grade continues to learns about world geography. We love using our Studies Weekly newspaper to help us with that. Thank you, again, to our PTO for purchasing these for our students.


Due to the snow day on Friday, we were unable to have the math quiz over inequalities. We will try to do that on Monday. We will then spend time learning how to graph simple inequalities. We will also review Unit 5 at the end of this week and will plan on having a Summative Assessment during the week of January 25th.


This week in Science we will focus on reviewing the parts of the atom and how atoms relate to The Periodic Table.

Students will be getting a new set of vocabulary words for the Matter Unit. They will have a paper copy of the vocabulary words as well as students will put into the flash card app.

Homework: students will have homework this week, assigned Tuesday due Thursday.


Mrs. Pott's Class: PE

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Music


The Sixth Grade Team

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