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January 27, 2022

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Upcoming Events

  • Thurs. February 3 - College Access Night 5 - 7PM
  • Fri. February 18 - No School
  • Mon. February 21 - President's Day - No School

Preparations for remote learning

Remote Learning may be used in the following situations:

  • Staff Shortages
  • Multiple days of inclement weather in a row
  • Too many days out of school in a short period of time
  • No more calamity hours available

The benefit of using intermittent remote learning will be to not lose academic momentum and these days count towards our overall school hours.

We DO NOT plan to return to remote learning like at the height of the pandemic last year where students were at home for long periods of times.

If/when we go to remote learning, students are expected to log-in for their first class of the day. The bell schedule will be followed as normal. Attendance will be taken and assignments will likely be assigned.

Students are expected to be in their Google Meet at the start of class, they do not need to have their camera on, but they should participate in the chat. Teachers will be monitoring students laptop activity via GoGuardian. This will help them support student learning, push out links, etc.

In order to make it a solid day of learning, school norms and procedures will still be followed.

If your student does not have a laptop or reliable internet, you should reach out to the school as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Related School Closure

We will communicate as soon as we have information/insight about COVID -related closures. If CCS does not offer transportation for any reason, we will need to close as well.

TCS@ODU may cancel classes should the staff absentee rate lead to unsafe learning conditions. We will alert families in the same way as calamity days when there is no school. On these days, we will have a presence at the building for a few hours in the morning only.

COVID-19 Updates

Ohio Department of Health has recently released new guidance for students and staff who have been exposed to COVID in the school setting.

Students who are not symptomatic may remain in in-person learning as long as they are not symptomatic and test negative. They must wear a mask for 10 days after their last date of exposure whenever they are around others. They should self-monitor and parent-monitor for symptoms of COVID. They should isolate and get tested if they start to experience symptoms associated with COVID.

If your student is sick, please do not send them to school. We can only provide test kits for our students at this time due to the number of tests available. These tests can be administered at the school or they can be taken home but we suggest taking them at school with a school personnel.

School Closing Info

When it comes to winter weather, TCS follows Columbus City Schools. Therefore if CCS cancels school for winter weather, TCS will as well.

We will inform families in the following ways:

  • TV: NBC4, 10tv, and Fox28
  • Facebook
  • Voicemail
  • Robocall and text

On these days, busses will not run and nobody will be at the school.

Should there be a day when we cannot have school do to conditions at the building (water main break, no heat, etc.), we will notify families in the methods above but busses may still run and there will be staff at the building.

Winter Formal was a BLAST!!

Thanks to Ms. Sonia Nazario and Ms. Holly Corns and TCS Student Government for making this fun event possible!

Students had a blast at the Park of Roses Shelter House. The vibe was amazing the 70 students who were there had a great time!!

Our student government, pictured below (taking a quick mask break for their photo), did an amazing job! Thank you for their hard work!!

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Interested in East Asian languages, food, and culture?

Join us in room 8, Fridays from 2:30 to 4:00 (Students are responsible for timely

Possible topics:

○ art
○ anime
○ music
○ manga
○ history
○ cooking
○ languages
○ martial arts

Okay, maybe mostly Japanese culture, but if you are interested in Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, or other (South) East Asian cultures, we can learn about those too.

For more information, talk to Mr. Spackman.
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Updated Academic Calendar

Bus Contact Info

We expect that Columbus City Schools will update the routes during the first two weeks of school. We will do our best to help students and families navigate any routing changes.

If your student is waiting to be picked up in the morning, and their bus does not come, call


If the route is not covered, CCS will attempt to get your student to school still.

TCS@ODU Front Office Hours - 6:45am-3:30pm

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.