Dragon Rider joins Varden



1. In Eragon, it is shown through Eragon's life that adventures occur when you least expect them and help you discover who you will be in the end.

2. "Eragon recoiled in shock. Standing in front of him, licking off the membrane that encased it, was a dragon."

3. The "stone" that Eragon found while venturing in the mountains was really a dragon stone, one of the 3 left in the world. Eragon was living a normal life, on a weekly hunting routine that day. When he found the egg, and it hatched for him, he became a dragon rider. It was set, in his blood and his life. Just minutes before, he was an ordinary farm boy, living with his uncle and cousin. However, because he went on that one hunting trip that one day, he found the egg, and his life changed forever.

4. "Then the woman's hair shifted, revealing pointed ears. A chill crept over him. She was an elf."

5. Elves were originally confined to their hidden town within the northern forest. However, in his prison cell, Eragon witnessed an elf, and the woman from his dreams. He was in the midst of being manipulated by the Shade, his mind drugged by the water his cell keepers were providing him. The elves were supposed to be legends, fairy tails told to children. The town where he came from, elves were unreal, and fake.


The story begins with a prelude featuring the Shade and some Urgals(horned brutes, at least 6 feet tall if fully grown)ambushing 4 elves, killing 3 of them. As the last elf is cornered, it mutters a spell, teleporting a stone to another location, until she is finally captured.

Following the prelude, the story begins with Eragon in the woods, hunting down deer. However, his prey is scared away by a flash of bright light, in which a blue stone appears. Eragon takes the blue stone down to the butcher to trade, but is unsuccessful, and does the same when the traders come. However, nobody wants to buy the stone, and recent Urgal attacks have built tension among the traders. As Eragon is asleep that night, however, the "stone" cracks open, revealing a newly hatched dragon. Eragon and the dragon form a connection of blood and mind.

As the dragon matured, suspicious individuals came into Carvahall, in search of the egg that was no more. Saphira senses the danger, and kidnaps Eragon. When they come back to what was Eragon's home, his cousin has already left to work at the mills. His home was is splinters, and his uncle was dead. Eragon leaves Carvahall with the local mysterious storyteller, in search of revenge. Venturing through the land, Brom teaches him the art of sword fighting and magic. They meet up with Brom's friend, Jeod, who is able to give them the location of the Ra'zac, who killed Eragon's uncle. As they arrive in Dras'Leona, they are ambushed, but luckily saved by a stranger named Murtagh. Brom dies, and Murtagh becomes Eragon's new companion.

Along the way, Eragon and Murtagh are captured in Gil'Ead. In the prison, Eragon encounters and elf named Arya, and a Shade named Durza. Saphira takes them away, but as Arya's condition worsens, tension builds among the group. As they enter the Beor Mountains, near Farthen Dur, were the Varden is hidden, they are chased by Kull, 7ft tall Urgals. They are taken in by the Varden, and their mind is searched through. They meet the leader of the Varden, Ajihad, and prepare for an invasion on Farthen Dur.

The invasion approaches, as Urgals are led by Durza into Farthen Dur. The fight finally ends when Eragon kills Durza, with the help of Arya and Saphira. However, sacrifices were made, and the prized Star Diamond of the dwarves was shattered. In the end, Eragon is contacted by the "Mourning Sage", and is asked to come to the land of the elves in order to receive further training.

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini is an American Author best known for his work with the Inheritance series. He was born on November 17, 1983. He lives in Paradise Valley, Montana, where he wrote his first book, Eragon. Eragon was the third best selling hardback book of 2003, and the second best selling children's paperback book of 2005. It was on the New York Time's Children's Book Best Seller list for 121 weeks, and was awarded in 2006 with the Nene Award by the children of Hawaii, as well as the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award and the Young Reader's Coice Award.