Nicole's Awesome Science Page

This is a reflection on what I learn in science.

Introdution to Nicole

My name is Nicole. I am in 6th grade. I go to Pioneer Middle School. An interesting fact about me is I am left handed. My favorite sports are soccer, cross country, and gymnastics. I like playing with my dog, hanging out with my friends and making musical.lys with my friends. I also play the guitar. I have one younger brother named Nicolas, my dad, mom, stepdad, stepmom, a stepsister, and stepbrother.

Introduction to Science 6

For the last month we have been learning about microscopes, mapping, and how to use a triple beam balance, and how to use a metric ruler. Our very first unit was learning how to use a triple beam balance. Then we learned about metric rulers along with quantative and qualitative observations. After that we did a unit on microscopes. Some labs did the Letter E Lab, Mr.Shafer' sand mystery, labs learning how use the microscope, microscope parts, and much more. After the microscope unit we learned about mapping. We learned about longitude &a latitude. We also learned about scales, ways to remember longitude & latitude, how to place things using longitude & latitude, plus more.
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This is a picture of Mr.Shafer's Sand Mystery. ^

My Favorite Lab

My favorite lab was the Letter E lab. I like it because it was fun to look at the Letter E in different lens and see how the E looked like from a newspapers. I also liked to draw out the Letter E.
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This is a picture of what I drew from the Letter E lab. ^