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The physical properties of carbon are the weight: 12.011, boiling point: 6917f, melting point: 6422f, density: 2.2670 grams per cubic centimeter, it is a solid at room temperature. A chemical property of carbon is flammable. Carbon can be found in the sun, the stars and rocks. You can use carbon for graphite in pencils, diamonds and steel. Common compounds of carbon are CO2, CO, and CS2. Carbon can react with air, water, acids and halogens. It has 15 isotopes. To be safe around carbon, make sure not to breathe it in.

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Carbon is a very important element. Who wouldn't want to have carbon in their possession? Carbon can give lots of uses. Diamonds can be created from it, but that takes a lot of work. Also you could make graphite from it, creating your own pencils. Carbon is a common element that you could easily make a profit off of.

Diamonds are a necessity to any girls dream jewelry. Why wouldn't you want the chance to let your customers create their own diamonds? Any girl would love to create their own wedding ring, completing their dream of a perfect diamond. Also, someone can make their own necklace, ring, or bracelet to give to their loved one. Diamonds are a very important part of a jewelry store.

Also, carbon can be used to make graphite. Graphite makes pencils and right now, everyone is in need of pencils for school. Creating a pencil that has a nice eraser, with good carbon graphite will be good investment to any one. Every student needs at least 10 pencils a year, multiply that by how many students are in the world and think about all the pencils you could sell. Carbon is a good investment for anyone.