La Famila de Venezuela

By: Cameron Whiteside

Family Structure

* Households commonly include members of the extended family; usualy grandparents.

* Family ties are strong and most families are close-knit.

* Families gather for holidays and aiding each other during times of medical or econamic distress

Child-parent Relationship

* Children take care of their parents until their children can take care of them.

* Children tend to be seen as equals when making important decisions

* Educated urban couples tent to have 1-2 children; Poor urban couples tend to have 3-4 children; and Rural families tend to have 5-6 children.

Family Pictures

Veiw on Family: Children live off their parents until they can live off their children.

Gender Roles

* Father is typically the economic provider.

* Mother is typically in charge of raising the childrenand managing the household.

* Today, more couples are sharing responibilities.

Interesting Fact

Some parents believe that having more children will ensure better care in their old age.


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