Spies of the American Revolution

Hidden Heroes

Research Introduction

You are a spy in the American Revolution. As you carry secret knowledge of British whereabouts you struggle to bring it to your Patriot commander. If you are captured you shall be hung a traitor. The fate of America lies in your hands. George Washington, head of the Continental Army, was a clever strategist who knew he needed a reliable source of spying. Having secret knowledge of the enemy was necessary when planning a military strategy. Eyes and ears were everywhere as spies exchanged information through art, letters, and many more alternatives. Patriots spies were dedicated to the cause they fought for, unlike British spies who did it for the money. American spies helped to balance the British's strongest army in the world and the Continental Army. During the American Revolution, spies played a major role in the success of American Independence.


Research Highlights

  • The Culper Spy Ring was a Patriot spy organization in New York.
  • The Culper Spy Ring discovered dangerous British spies at Fort Washington.
  • The Traitorous Trio were British spies who attempted to plot a capture of George Washington and end the Revolution.
  • The Traitorous Trio's leader was Benedict Arnold, a man who betrayed his country in hopes to get recognition and money.
  • Many women risked their lives for their country by spying in the Revolution.
  • Emily Geiger and Patience Lovell Wright were two women who spied for the Patriots at helped America triumph.

Maya Gharat