Accessorize your Wedding Party

Living Lockets a keep sake wedding gift for everyone!

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Origami Owl Lockets Make the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Whether you are looking for your own wedding jewelry or you need a special gift for your bridesmaids, Origami Owl has great options for you! Show your bridesmaids you appreciate them with a custom locket – it can double as their jewelry on your big day!

Don’t leave yourself out, brides love our Living Lockets to help keep their most special memories close to their hearts on the big day. Let me help you earn free and discounted bridal jewelry! Email me today to get started!

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Every Bride hesitates over the right gift for their wedding party. There is NO NEED to stress, Origami Owl Lockets are PERFECT. For the Wedding Party and For You, the Bride <3

Every bride looks for the perfect bridesmate’s gift. Every perfect bridesmate gift includes a personalized relation to your perfect wedding. A locket representing the happiest and most perfect day of your life with a personalization for each bridesmate is the perfect gift for you and them!

It’s your day to shine; the day you have been waiting for! As fun as it is to feel the excitement of your big day, you have been working hard to find all the perfections of each detail to your wedding. Finding all the perfect details can be stressful. A part of your perfect wedding includes the perfect bridesmates standing next to you. As they are a reflection of your celebration and perfect wedding, you want to gift them with something that is a resemblance of your wedding and them being apart of your wedding. Sometimes finding that perfect gift for them isn’t the easiest detail of your wedding. No more worries, I’m here to help! I have the perfect gift for you to give them!

A personalized locket that gives the story of your wedding and represents them individually is the PERFECT gift for you and them. You can’t go wrong! Create a locket just the way you want that says your wedding day is perfect and so are your bridesmates! Pick the colors, the names, and all the wedding details right into your lockets. Your bridesmates will love them and you will love seeing them wear them. Each girl can be given the same locket with a different touch just for you and them. This perfect bridesmate gift will live a lifetime. Each girl will keep and cherish them for ever and always.

To shop for your bridesmates and create the perfect locket and gift for them, click on my SHOP link and enjoy your stress free bridesmate gift shopping!

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