ROYAL REVIEW (12.3.2020)

To be Christ-centered in our words, thoughts and actions.

Happy Advent

This past weekend we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent. I am amazed how quickly this calendar and school year has gone by. This has been even more amazing as we continue through a pandemic. As many of us choose to forgo our normal family celebrations, let us not forget one of the greatest celebrations of the Liturgical year. Our school will begin celebrating the Advent season in our classrooms and through our teaching throughout the coming weeks. Normally, our first part of the school year would end with our Advent program. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we will instead strive to have a Spring concert.

In the first reading from Isaiah, we hear “You, Lord, are our father, our redeemer you are named forever. Why do you let us wander, O LORD, from your ways, and harden our hearts so that we fear you not?” This may resonate with many of us more than usual, in 2020. We are not only living through a pandemic but we are trying to live our lives during much unrest. We wander and forget that the Lord provides us with all that we need. We should always remember that the Lord will never give us more than we can handle.

In Mark’s Gospel we are told to “Be Watchful! Be alert!” This is true more than ever. As we struggle through the end of 2020, we need to be watchful and alert of all of the joys and blessings that the Lord provides for us. Even when we are at our most vulnerable state, we must Trust in HIM. Let’s try to use our participation in Advent as our restart to the year.

Let us begin this joyous season of Advent with an open, loving heart. To always be prepared to walk on the path that God sets forth to us and look forward to seeing the Son of Man. May our Queen of Angels family both in the Church and in the School continue to strive for our ultimate goal, which is to be with our Father in Heaven. Let us also continue to pray for all people that have been affected by this pandemic. Let them find peace and joy, especially through our works of mercy and charity, during this Advent season.

Many Blessings,

Dennis G. Wiegmann


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Our virtue this week is HUMILITY - The strength to put others before ourselves. God first, others second and ourselves last. In other words JOY = Jesus, Others, Yourself.


Lord, You HUMBLED Yourself by becoming a man. You did this because You put us before Yourself, even though You are Infinite and Eternal. Thank You for Your Love, Lord. Give us the strength to be HUMBLE and to imitate Your example by putting others before ourselves.

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During the time that we have virtual learning, teachers are in the building, so the office is open if parents need to drop anything off or pick up student work. The hours are from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. Please make sure that you follow COVID protocols when entering the building.


Just a reminder: In the event that school is closed, there will be no practices or games scheduled for our sports programs, during that time period.

As school reopens on Monday, and basketball resumes, yet our county remains in "Red," we will resume practices and games with no fans.

Our basketball teams will play their first games this coming Monday. Coaches will be contacting players to give more specifics concerning required forms and uniforms.


Unfortunately, due to Allen County being in the Red for COVID-19, we will not have our HASA Movie Night on December 5, 2020. Hopefully we can find a way to have something later in the school year.


Due to moving to Virtual Learning this week, we have had to change the dates for the Christmas Boutique. We will now have the boutique on December 14, 15 and 16th. There will be envelopes coming home with your child this next week as we return to in-person learning. This is a good way to help children learn how important it is to GIVE, rather than always to receive.

Please also remember to send in your volunteer form if you are interested in helping. (You must be approved through Safe Environment). Also, if you have any bows, wrapping paper, tissue paper or other things to help with wrapping gifts, please send this with your child next week.


We do have a link that we would like you to go to on our website, if you have a student who tested Positive for COVID and need to let us know the information. This will help us with our reporting to the Health Department. Here is the link:


Unfortunately, the food drop off for this program has been cancelled for this Saturday, December 5th.
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As we prepare for the birth of our Lord and as we celebrate the start of Advent, we are incorporating decorations into our hallways. We pray that you have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season, celebrating the birth of our Lord.
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Father Zak will be celebrating Mass at the following times on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

8:30 am - 4th Grade through Middle School

12:15 pm - Non-school Mass

7:00 pm - Non-school Mass


Please click here for access to our church bulletins.

Here is our Mass Schedule for Christmas this year:

Christmas Eve:

4:00 pm (With Incense)

6:00 pm (NO Incense)

12:00 am (Midnight Mass) (With Incense)

Christmas Day:

8:00 am (With Incense)

10:30 am (With Incense)

We Need Your Help: As we prepare for the Christmas Eve Masses, please click on the following link to let us know which Mass you plan on attending.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are trying to plan, in order to follow approved capacity. Please note that the 6:00 pm Mass on Christmas Eve will NOT have incense.


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