Stimulate Infant Brain Development

By: Jack Hubbard

Keep it simple and natural.

  • Change diapers
  • Give baths as often as possible
  • Cuddle
  • Talk
  • Sing
  • Exercise
  • Feed
These everyday experiences build the pathways between neurons. This helps establish important building blocks of development and growth.
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Match experiences to the child's mental ability.

  • Physical experiences are needed to learn
  • Provide experiences at their level of understanding
  • Use safe, interactive toys
  • Make sure there is enough contrast of stimulation

Practice makes prefect.

  • Repetition is key
  • Establish routines
  • Read bedtime stories even when the baby can't read
  • Be consistent with routines
These will create stronger connections between neurons the more repetitive you are.

Actively involve the baby.

  • Provide experiences in which the child can participate
  • Children learn best by doing
  • Simple, yet fun or active activities keep the children learning and entertained
  • Things like rolling a ball outside or building something with your child are inexpensive and effective

Provide variety, but avoid overload.

  • Expose baby to many different experiences
  • Don't provide experiences to frequently because it will overwhelm them
  • A variety of experiences will benefit the child
  • Don't produce experiences that aren't fit for your chill
A variety of experiences will benefit the child

Avoid pushing the child.

  • Look for clues of interest in activities
  • If there is no interest, don't pursue it
  • Be patient when trying to figure out your child's, interests, and activities
Children learn better if they are interested in what they're doing