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Friday, June 7, 2019

Things I loved this week......

  • walking in to pick up kids who go to Mrs. Beyea's art class and they are helping her clean up her classroom
  • kids carefully checking their bubbling and answers when finished with the science test
  • when kids tell me they missed me when I was not in the classroom on Tuesday :)
  • once again, the continued begging for more read aloud time
  • kids wanting to recommend read aloud books
  • individual kids seeking me out to thank me for the donuts
  • neighbors helping others to spell words correctly
  • all of the smiles.................

Erie Canal Trip

We are on for Tuesday! Let's hope the weather cooperates! Kids will need to bring lunches. Since we are going alone, no other 4th grade class is going with us, peanut products can be packed for this trip only. Please be sure your child wears sneakers and applies sun screen before coming to school.

Parent Chaperones:

The buses will arrive at Aqueduct Park (555 West Main St., Palmyra) around 9:30. We'll unload the buses and watch how the lock works. The guide will then lead us through a path. It's about a 2 mile walk, so kids should be prepared with sneakers. The path will take us all the way to Market Street. At that point, we'll probably have lunch at the pavilion. The kids will be thirsty and need bathroom breaks. Then, we'll tour the museums. We're lucky to be going alone without another class. We'll have more space in the small buildings.

We'll load buses between 1:15 and 1:30 to head back to school. This is where things get a little tricky for our parent chaperones. They have three options.....they can walk back to their vehicles at Aqueduct Park, communicate with another parent who is going and drop one vehicle off at Market Street before beginning the trip at Aqueduct Park, or Bonnie Hayes, the director of the museums, will give rides back to the park.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We finished up the module 6 lessons this week. Our plan is to review module 6 on Monday and test on Wednesday. Last Friday I sent out a link to the Math Remind group that highlights the Bridge Project. If you didn't have a chance to join that remind group, here is the link. https://www.smore.com/qr2mp

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ The class is still working with decimals. They have been comparing and ordering them. This becomes more of a challenge for them when the numbers are in different forms, such as decimal, fraction, mixed number, and unit form. Next week they will be adding and subtracting decimals. The module ends with working with money and solving word problems that involve money. We will take the end of module assessment around June 17th.

Big picture


Picture Book Friday ~ Tyler read Pigeon P.I to us on Thursday. The kids came up with a handful of themes for this story. I love how they have begun to think about theme from multiple characters' perspectives! Landon entertained us today with Bruce's Big Move! This is the second "Bruce" book we've heard and we really enjoy them! Pingan is scheduled for next Friday and Gia will be our final reader on Friday, June 21st.

Read Aloud ~ We finished reading Holes today. The kids really loved this book! We are planning to watch the movie in class next Friday.

Writing Benchmarks ~ In your child's Friday Folder you'll find a copy of their Fall task stapled to the essay they wrote for the Spring Data Collection period. I met with each student and reviewed all the growth! This stuff is so much fun!

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SURPRISE Field Trip!

I would like to surprise the kids with a walking field trip to Byrne Diary on Tuesday, June 25th! Ice cream will be my final treat! You'll find a permission slip in your child's Friday Folder. It says SURPRISE in the location.....please help me keep it a secret!


Kids will need instruments on Tuesday for ensembles and Wednesday for lessons.

String Players Only: Those students will also need to bring their instruments on Thursday for a special combined (Cherry & Gray) rehearsal to prepare for the concert.

All library books are due on Wednesday, June 12th!!!!

Bicycle Rodeo

Please check out the letter about a cool opportunity! The permission slip is on the back!

Important Dates

June 11 - Erie Canal Trip

June 19 - Band & Orchestra Concerts

June 24 - Onanda Trip - more details coming as we get closer

June 25 - Half-Day for Kids & Surprise Field Trip!

June 26 - Half-Day for Kids & Last Day of School