Happy Winter Break!

December 15, 2014

We had fun shopping for a local military family of five!

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From Edmodo...

"I think this field trip was important because it was a good deed (or mitzvah ;]) to do for others. I learned how to equally divide money and how to make a plan for what to buy on our trip. I will definitely use these life skills later on. I think that raising money and buying toys for the family was very fun and I had an amazing time throughout the process. I feel that it is fair for us AND them, because they get to save money, and we get payed back for they safety and service provided by Mr. Ramos. I believe this experience changed me because our class got to understand that even though we have all that we may need, others are less fortunate, and we need to reach out to those families. I can't wait to hear the reaction of the family when they open their gifts!!!" ~ Ally

"This field trip was important because we were helping a military family. I learned that it's important to make sure you have enough money because of tax. Tax was 8% so we had to check how much we could get wroth of toys. Giving to a specific family makes me feel offering, contributing, and very helpful. It makes me cheerful for helping this cause. I love giving and helping. This experience didn't change me sense I've done and loved giving my whole life. I think that giving and helping others make others realize it brings peace and is just very caring for one another. I had a blast helping out the Ramos family. The field trip was awesome and so was that math lesson with adding all the money and figuring out each kid would get." ~ Carter