Volume 1 Issue 11

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Consistency
Thought of the Week: Students work hardest for teachers they like and respect. When I am asked, "How do I get the students to like and respect me?" my immediate response is, " Like and respect them first." -Dr. Debbie Silver
Monday Funday: Panthers win AGAIN!!! Jeans and Panthers gear if you have it tomorrow!

Important Information

  • Many of you received an email last week indicating that you have not completed your Safe Schools training. Please be sure to complete the training videos as soon as possible!
  • It is Crossing Guard Appreciation week! Crossing guards brave traffic and weather to assist students across busy roads and intersections. They serve as a safety role model for the children, and also play a vital role in reminding adults to drive safely in school zones. I'm sure that Tammy and the others would enjoy a few kind cards, etc. from the students expressing their appreciation. If you have time, and are able to produce something for our guards, let me know and we will get it to them.
  • There are still a few of you that need to have your SLO signed. Please send Jad or I an email so that we can arrange a time to electronically sign your document. Jad covers grades 2, 4, and Special Services. I have grades K, 1, 3, 5 and related arts.
  • As a reminder, you will meet with your AdvancED groups this Wednesday. If you are unable to complete your portion as a group after next week's session, please let me know.

Classroom Management Techniques

Check out the video link for an example of Whole Brain Teaching and classroom management. Did you observe anything you could implement in your classroom. Remember...think globally!
Whole Brain Teaching: 6th Grade, Classroom Management
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Most Valuable Player

The 2nd grade team are the MVP's for the week. Read the passage below from a FMES teammate to find out why...

Thanks to the second grade teachers for having my backā€¦..LITERALLY, during the first weeks of school. Whether it was helping set up my room, lesson plans, answering a zillion sub questions, or driving a wheelchair, they took care of it all. I am so blessed to be part of this team, and the FMES family.