JEPS Tech News 11

Term 1, 2015

Making a great start!

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The following resources would be suitable for whole class activities, literacy and numeracy group activities and individualised differentiated activities.

Literacy resources–general-res.html

New English Syllabus resources. The latest resources from Shellie Tancred's Snapshot - 21st Century Learning. The Literacy Shed - home of visual literacy.

Digital stories, videos, lesson plans and much more

The Reading Bear website contains over 1200 vocabulary items and 50 presentations which cover all the main phonics rules. All content on this site is totally free.

Teach Your Monster to Read is a highly engaging website which teaches children how to read using a game based design. Create accounts for students in your class for free and select which level they should begin working through.

Roy the Zebra contains a plethora of resources to complement your guided reading programs. It features a nine part story complete with supporting literacy activities. There are also interactive games and songs.

No Red Ink - A great website where you can set grammar tasks for your class and track their scores and progress.


100 Word Challenge

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100 Word Challenge

A weekly challenge that involves students writing and commenting on the work of others. Writing prompts can be words, phrases or images. Could be done as a whole class collaborative activity or a literacy group activity. Great preparation for NAPLAN.

5 Sentence Challenge

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Stage 2 and 3 classes can use the 100wc (100 word challenge) site to showcase their students' writing each week.

There is a second site called the 5 sentence challenge for children starting their journey.
5SC is a "fortnightly creative writing challenge for children under 16....aimed at the younger end or those children who may struggle with 100 words. The prompts are thematic and the link is open for two weeks giving more time for discussion and posting. The children should create 5 sentences about the theme. These can be as a list of 5 or as a piece of prose."

Years 1 and 2 may like to use this in class or it could be used as a G&T activity.

Maths Resources—scopes.html

New Maths Syllabus resources. The latest resources from Shellie Tancred's Snapshot - 21st Century Learning. Maths activities - all strands - aligned to the new NSW Maths Syllabus K-6 Interactive Maths activities aligned to the new NSW Maths Syllabus K-6 Maths games and activities for Years 3-6

Oldies but goodies

For the newbies and those of us who have forgotten these great sites. Topmarks Maths is Fun Woodlands Junior School Crickweb Copacabana PS

Technology resources - iPads and laptops

Jannali East Links / JEPS Library

Check out Jannali East Links and JEPS Library for more resources.

Remember: Jannali East Links is for your lesson planning and information and JEPS Library is for the students and community.

Please let me know if there are other links you would like added to either of these sites.