Marissa Moss

By:Zoey Lewis

Famous Books

Marissa Moss has many famous books. Some of her famous books are Amelia's Notebook and Maxes Logbook. They are both based on her life. Amelia's Notebook was based her and her sister when . Maxes Logbook was for her son so he could not focuse on his father illness. Those are not nearly all the books she has. You have probably read some of her books but not noticed. :)


Marissa has won many awards. She won one last year in 2014 it was the ALA notable book Barbed Wire Baseball. In 2012 she won the sliver medal, California book award , A Soldier Secret. Also in 2012, she won the IRA Teachers’ Choices reading list, Nurse, Soldier, Spy. Those just are a few but she has won many.