Take action whenever you recognize a Cyberbully

How can you identify a Cyberbully?

Cyberbullies usually interact negatively through the Internet with the intention of make another person feel sad, angry, or scared. Cyberbullies use the Internet to be mean to other people, often over and over again.

What action are considered as Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying include online communications that seek to intimidate, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, accuse or humiliate the recipient.

If you are being bullied, what should you do?

Support someone who has been cyberbullied

  • Tell cyber bully to stop what he/she is doing
  • Talk to a trusted friend or adult for help.

Sometimes we may offend someone unintentionally. How can I avoid being a Cyber Bully?

  • Writing clear messages
  • Checking my writing twice before posting
  • Avoiding sending messages when you are upset
  • Never sending or posting gossips or personal information about other people
  • Don’t posting pictures from others without permission
  • Following the golden rule: “Don't do to others what would don’t like yourself"
  • Be nice and polite , use emotions