Getting to know the Bible

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What the Bible is all about!

The Old Testament

The Old Testament are the scriptures of the Jewish faith. The Jewish people are called Hebrews, Israelites, Judeans, and Jews at various times in the Old Testament. The OT shares with us the coming of Jesus Christ, and its fulfillment in life and the resurrection

The Pentateuch means “five books”. It talks about the beginning of all of God's Chosen People. In this section it also talks about the laws and rules that God gave to the people.

The Historical Books it is the history of the Israelites. Here you will find a lot of information of the Promised Land.

The Wisdom and Poetry Books are a collection of hymns, poems, proverbs, and stories. In order to understand the readings, it uses a lot of creativity, for us to imagine a better idea of their stories being told.

The Prophets are the ones who speak God’s Word.

The Development of the Old Testament

Are the stories about Israel’s history that were passed on from generation to generation by the words of the people. Many people ( the ones chosen by God) started to write down the stories. This began to shape the minds of people. Most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, but by the fourth century BC, Greek had become the most influential language, and many Jews couldn't anything else. This is a brief description of how the OT started to make its development.

Most talked about questions

Who are the prophets?

- people who speak God’s Word

How did the development of the Old Testament start?

-Israel’s history were passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth.

What is the Old Testament about?

-It prepares us for the coming of Jesus and its covenants. It is also the beliefs of the Jewish faith.

What is the meaning of The Pentateuch?

-it basically just means 5 books

Are all the stories true?

-the books that survived are the ones that people heard God speak

Is the Bible scientifically correct?

-No it is not to teach people if the Bible is scientifically or historically correct, it is just to have the faith and truth of God within you.

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