Home Of The Brave

By: Carter Thoe

Social Issue

Kek, Gunwar and his Aunt Hannah are Africans moving to America, and Americans don't treat them nicely. Like, whenever Kek was giving Hannah (his friend) a present for her birthday, some white boys came by and said," Back off". Hannah pulled him in because she knew they might beat him up.

Being an Advocate of the Social Issue

The community all together could be nice to people with different colored skin, so they will stop being racists. Then, Kek and his relatives will feel like they are a part of the community and maybe even feel like they are Americans because they are being treated nicely like they should be treating in the first place.

Changes, Changes, Changes

Kek has changed because now he is less sad about his past and moving forward in life, making friends and finding whats best in America. He is also not worried anymore about his Mom because she was found and is now with him. Finally, Kek is now not worried about Lu's cow Gol because now she is at the petting zoo where she is safe, not in the middle of no where unguarded.