Nearpod for Your Classroom

Share with device control in the classroom.

Example for 30 (Silver)

Shakespeare Insults example of features. This was a free download in the Nearpod Store. You can download a published version; make a clone; then edit or add what you need.

Nearpod Presentation (NPP) Tips:

  • Works best in Chrome or Safari browsers
  • Free and paid NPPs in the store
  • Create a free account for a Silver Membership (trials for some Gold level features
  • Can present and create from iPad or computer

To Create:

  1. Create an account at
  2. It will take you directly to My Library and the Store
  3. **In order to start creating your own NNP, you must completely log out, close your browser, and log back in
  4. Click on Create
  5. Click on Add New Presentation
  6. Select Start from Scratch or browse your files to upload a ppt., pdf. or image
  7. Once you have your base, Open and start Editing features
  8. Click on Add and select Content, Web, or Activity
  9. Save
  10. Publish your NPP (only when you are done!)

Content: Slides, Custom Slide, Video, Audio, Slideshow, PDF Viewer, Twitter Feed

Activity: Open ended, Polls, Quiz, and Draw It tools

To Engage:

  1. Once published, select Engage
  2. You will be taken to your Library
  3. Select your NPP
  4. Select Live Session
  5. Provide the Join Code to your class
  6. Begin Navigating

You can jump to slides, share out, and share a web site on the fly.

Top Left shows students active in class and the code

To Assess:

  1. Log out and close the browser (if on a computer)
  2. Log back in
  3. Click on Assess
  4. Select the NNP
  5. Select a student to see the reports

**More reporting features and options with Gold