Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scene IV

By Griffin Wesson

Summary of the Scene:

Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet and Paris are downstairs in the Capulet house while Romeo and Juliet are upstairs shortly after Romeo's banishment. Lord Capulet says that we are all born to die. Capulet also says that he is going to force Juliet to marry Paris on Thursday (it is now Monday into Tuesday). This goes against Capulet's earlier views of marriage for love. Capulet has changed his mind because of the recent death of Tybalt. Finally the reader learns that Paris may actually have feelings for Juliet.

Visual Representation of the Scene:

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Characters in the Scene:

Song that Relates to the Scene:

I chose the song "the times they are a changing" by Bob Dylan because it represents the feelings of Juliet. Juliet has gone through many recent changes. In this scene the large change is that Juliet is going to be forced to marry a man that she has no love for. That is a large change from Lord Capulet's earlier decision that Juliet should marry whomever she loves. For that reason in Juliet's mind "the times are a changing"