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On a monthly basis, we'll inform you of what's going on in the team, upcoming events and interesting technology news.

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What is House of Technology?

House of Technology or HoT focuses on leveraging technology for Banking, FR&C, Wealth & Asset Management and Capital Markets.

If you missed our presentation at the recent Zürich Townhall, you can see a full description of the services we provide as well as some examples in our Mission Statement on Knugget.

We are at your disposal for your client technology support needs!

We deliver in 3 areas

Upcoming training and brown bags

Open Payments Framework - Functional Introduction & Payments deep dive

Zurich office - 19th May 16.30 - 20.30

CS Towers - 25th May 17.00 - 21.00

The course will provide insight about payments (ISO20022 global standard of payments format), how the Open Payment framework handles these payments and how the Open Payment Framework services form a payment flow to clear a payment inside a bank.

For more information and to sign up, check out CiT or the Learning Hub.

Mobile Development - iOS Way

Zurich - new date to be confirmed - watch this space

Join us for the Mobile development session brought to you by House of Technology group. The session will be in evening , probably of two hours and you will get insight on mobile development.

We will delve in Apple’s iOS development and introduce you to the same. Opportunities with iOS are unlimited- iPhone,iWatch, Apple TV all run on iOS.

For more information and to sign up, please contact the HOT team.

Please let us know about technical topics which interest you and we will arrange a brown bag or training on the subject.

Recently delivered brown bags

The House of Technology Knugget playlist

The House of Technology now has its own Knugget playlist - House of Technology Switzerland. All of our latest documents can be found here for your own personal information or to support technical discussions with clients.

Please contact us if you're looking for a document on a specific subject and we will help!

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