Dream Recorder

Dream Replay

Jakyla Rogers


"You'll never forget dreams again"

About the Company

  1. The owner of this company is Jakyla, Harry, Samuel Morse
  2. My company is made up of 556 employees, 3 factory systems and 5 stores.
  3. This company is based out of United States. This invention is made for mostly the American System, if this product was to be found in another country it is not real and most likely a scam.

Product Name

My invention is called "Dream Recorder." This is used for if you forget a really good dream and you'd like to watch it over.

Being very honest people don't really need this product, but it is a very fun and interesting product that would grab the attention of kid-elders.

You could buy this product at our website, at best buy, verizon, or even the apple store.


Each dream recorder costs $65.99, A deal that we have going on is that you could buy 2 for $115.00.

This product doesn't come in a bulk unless, you are a company.

The company has to buy 45 or more in order for the prices on each Dream Recorder.

If a company were to buy the bulk each Dream Recorder would be 45.87.


We know our product is valuable because, Harry and I thought about really like struggles.

One morning I had woken up and promised myself I was going to share my dream with my co-workers, then I forgot most of the dream when time came to tell them.

After having a conversation with harry, the Idea of creating a gadget that allows humans to watch their dream over, slipped out of my mouth.

Harry agreed to be my partner.

Gathering the data Harry and I found out that 98% of the people admitted to barley remembering a really good dream, and admired the idea of the Dream Recorder.

1 out of 10 average day people didn't recommend.

Many celebrities use the product.

National Pride

This product isn't physically helping the country, its probably going to help emotionally because of probably the happiness it gives to people knowing that they could go and watch their dream from nights before. This product is Nationalism, meaning its for people all over the world.

Guarantee or Warrantee

  • There will be one warranty that would last until you actually break the device.
  • You would need to pay 1 dollar in order to get a refund. It would be taken away from the money we give you for you refund. Its almost like taxes.
  • Warranty will only valid if the whole thing breaks.
  • If the whole thing doesn't break then we have interchangeable parts.
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