French Broad

By: Simon Turner, Alyssa Metzger


Mouth: The Tennessee River

Headquarters: Spills from a 50- ft waterfall in Transylvania County AKA Court House falls.


The French Broad River Basin is 3,985 mi in total

The population is 485,140 people.

Land Around Basin

  • Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah Game Lands

  1. Henderson County
  2. Madison County
  3. Avery County
  4. Haywood County
  5. Yancey County

Point Sources and Non-Point sources

Non-Point Source-Alcoa in river from aluminum, fertilizer from peoples lawns

**Aluminum and fertilizers came from different places**

Point Source- Coal Ash from the power plant, Water plants releasing dangerous chemicals


Non-point: Create programs to educate community on not polluting.

Point: Create walls that encourage plants to properly dispose of chemicals.