Brindie's Confrence

Created by:Brindie Lever

What we are doing in class

Math- we are doing unit 8. We are learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. We also are preparing for our test tomorrow.

Writing- We are summarizing paragraphs from books about Pilgrims.

ELA- We are doing Discovery and I LOVE it because I am the governor and some of my friends are in my group.

Science- In science we are learning about oil spills and how to clean them. we have done a few projects where we have a fake oil spill in our group and we have to find a way to clean the oil.

When I look over my work so far this year these are the things that I am doing well...

Academic-I would say writing because I enjoy it and get good grades. I also have only 8 pages left in my writing notebook.

Behavior- I am very good at listening and following directions.

My Favorite 5th Grade Field Trip So Far Is...

The ski trip because we missed a whole day of school, and my dad was there. Also the buses were the BEST. I also like learning a new sport, I hope that I learn to ski better (and get the guts to get off the bunny hill. )


One other friend....

I would like to mention Elle. I couldn't get her picture in here because she is in another class but this is the best I can do to give her some credit for being my friend and just about the funniest person I know.

When I look over my work so far this year these are some things I would like to improve

Academic-Adding and subtracting negative numbers. I think I just needed a little more time to get it.

Behavioral- Tapping my pencil on my desk and other stuff like that is a problem. some times when I am bored I talk and don't realize it.

One thing I am going to acommplish before the end of the year is...

Finish "The Missing" series by Margret Peterson Haddix. I will accomplish this by reading a lot. This will be easy since I love the series and reading. I am currently reading the 6th book and can't wait to get to the 7th. I am even more excited for the 8th book that I believe is coming out soon this year.

Thank you sooo much for coming to my conference!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)