March 6, 2017

Room 30's Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

Hello Parents,

Important Dates-UPDATED:

*Field Trip to the Flower Fields is March 29th. I will be sending an email soon regarding chaperones. Permission slips will be sent home soon.

*The last day to have your child turn in their ancestor letter is Friday, March 10th.

*Fabric to cover Family Books is due by Friday, March 10th.

Thank you!



Unit 4 Week 4

Reading Strategies and Skills

Summarizing a story or article means to tell what it is mostly about. We retell the most important events and leave out the smaller details.

Sequence- Writers often describe events in sequence, or the time order in which they happen. Writers may use signal words, such as first, next, then, and last, to show the time order of events.

Variant Vowel- oo, ou

oo-foot, hook, good

ou-should, could, would


Irregular Verbs-Some verbs do not add -ed to form the past tense.







Module 6-

Module 6 Newsletter Topic A: Foundations of Multiplication and Division

Module 6 Newsletter:


Module 4, Lessons 21 and 25 have been assigned for homework this week.

HOMEWORK VIDEOS-There are no videos to go along with this week's homework pages.

Science-Landscape Changes

"A variety of natural features called landforms make up Earth’s surface. Earth’s land is always changing due to the forces constantly acting on its landforms. Constructive forces may build landforms in one area of the world, while destructive forces may weather a landform somewhere else. These forces may happen quickly or slowly over long periods of time. Rapid changes occur within hours, days, or weeks, and are often caused by volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, floods, and tornadoes. Slow changes to Earth’s surface occur over periods from decades to tens of thousands of years, and are usually caused by winds, moving water, and glaciers."


Be sure to visit the 2nd Grade homework webpage each Monday to find details about this week's special project. Here is the link:

Upcoming Events!

Parent-Teacher Conferences- Week of March 13th-Minimum Day Schedule